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Snow Dou Mountain discovers a cliff inscription 2013-11-06


Recently, an ancient cliff inscription group was discovered near the site of Xuedou Temple in Jinjiang, Dongkou, Xikou. According to Wang Haiwei, the discoverer of the Moya inscription group and the head of the Dongpu Primary School in Xikou Town, the newly discovered Cliff Inscription Group is located in the lower side of Dongjiang Village, called “18 Crossing”. Dongjiang Village is located in the ancient temple of Xueji Temple. On the mountainside three kilometers above the upper side. The "18-span" place name originated from the ancient legend that the 18th Gaochun of the Eastern Jin Dynasty and the Coats gathered across the river. Here, the Qingfeng ring, the Shuangxi intersection, the boulder-side boulder, the ancient stone arch bridge across the stream, the ancient road that the Jin Dynasty has opened. According to the seniors from Dongjiang Village, when Jiang’s father and son negotiated on the post, it was necessary to pass the place. During Zhang Xueliang's ban on Xue Dou Mountain, he often visited the scenery here. At present, eight inscriptions have been discovered. Although after thousands of years of wind and rain, the writing is still faintly discernible. The discovery of this cliff inscription group adds a new highlight to the cultural connotation of the Snow Dolphin Mountain Scenic Area. The Wenbo Department of Xikou Tourism Group stated that it will invite experts from Ningbo and the province to conduct comprehensive research.