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The first Ningbo Literature Week opens tomorrow 2013-11-09


The first Ningbo Literature Week, hosted by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee and the Ningbo Federation of Literary and Art Circles, will open tomorrow. Yesterday, the reporter learned at the press conference of the Literature Week that the literary week will be based on the theme of “promoting the times and walking with the people”. The award ceremony and literary works will be awarded, the works will be recommended, and the literature will enter the public. The sector consists of 14 activities. At that time, Liao Ben, Jiang Zilong, Mai Jia and other domestic literary masters, "People's Literature", "Poetry", "Harvest" and other famous editors will appear in the city, to study the works of Ningbo writers, for the development of Ningbo literature Make suggestions and talk with Zhao Botian, Ai Wei, Zhang Ji and other Ningbo writers. Talking about the reason for holding the first literary week, Zou Daming, secretary of the Party Committee of the Municipal Federation of Literary and Art Circles, said that "this is closely related to the long-term development of Ningbo's literary career." Zou Daming told reporters that in recent years, the Literary Army has continuously emerged outstanding talents and works, which have had an important impact in the country. The holding of the Literature Week will set up a platform to expand the influence of Ningbo literature in China and better publicize and recommend Ningbo local writers. At the same time, let literature and art enter the readers, so that more people can enjoy the spiritual enjoyment brought by literature. The first Ningbo Literature Week will last from November 10th to 15th, during which 14 special events will be arranged, with lectures, signings, forums and dialogues. Well-known writers such as Liao Ben, Jiang Zilong, and Mai Jia, as well as domestic names such as People's Literature, Poetry, Writers, October, Harvest, Huacheng, Jiangnan, and West Lake. The editors of the journal will appear in the activities of the Literature Week. In addition, yesterday's press conference also announced the winners of the 3rd National (Zhejiang) Integrity Small Novel Grand Prix, "Stele", "Tai Shou and Fish", "Fish Soup" won the special prize. The "Yu Lihua Literature Award" was officially established yesterday. The award is the first literary award in the name of a writer in Ningbo, which is used to reward outstanding young writers in Ningbo. It is reported that the first award will be launched in March 2015.