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Austrian art works exhibited at the City Gallery 2013-11-09


The picture shows the public watching the exhibition of Austrian contemporary art. Yesterday, Austrian contemporary art works hosted by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Culture were held in Hall 1 of the Ningbo Art Museum, and the exhibition will continue until the 24th of this month. "We hope that more Ningbo citizens can see the works of Austrian artists. In the words of the Chinese, it is 'let art go to the people'." said Ms. Yin Geli, an Austrian cultural exchange consultant. It is understood that from 2008 to 2013, Austrian artists lived and worked in Chengdu, Shanghai, Beijing and Chongqing, copying the lives, culture and environment of Chinese people. The Austrian Chinese Art Project (ASAP) and the Art Embassy jointly organized five exhibitions, the “rice” in 2009, the “packaging” in 2010, the “separate door” in 2011, and the “left and right” in 2012, this time in Ningbo. The museum exhibited the name "5 years." Ms. Yin Geli loves Chinese culture. She even gave herself a Chinese name like “Yin Ge Li”. She said: "Foreign artists use the creative concept of combining Chinese and Western cultures and Chinese for Western purposes to interpret the Chinese elements in the eyes of foreigners. This is the highlight and highlight of this exhibition." She said that the last exhibition was arranged in the exhibition. Ningbo, because Ningbo has a modern art gallery suitable for exhibitions, and more importantly, artists from Austria want to show their works to more Chinese people. The reporter saw on the scene that a total of 60 Austrian and other international artists participated in the exhibition, with more than 130 works. The exhibition was mainly divided into indoor space installations, indoor wallpapers, outdoor wall works, on-site installations in outdoor public areas and related to “public spaces”. "The five areas used in the workshop include pictures, watercolors, photography, ink paintings, installations and videos." Ms. Yin Geli said that she hopes to visit the collections of the Ningbo Art Museum, to understand the contemporary artists in Ningbo, to create opportunities, and to have more exchanges between Ningbo and Austrian artists in the future.