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City Row Dance Competition yesterday Final 2013-11-09


The 2013 Ningbo Dance Dance Competition, co-sponsored by the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Municipal Civilization Office and the Municipal Wenguang New Bureau, held the final finals in Zhuangshi Street, Zhenhai District last night. After more than three months of preliminaries, 24 rows of dance teams from 11 counties (cities) in the city stood out from the 190 grassroots mass culture teams and entered yesterday's rematch and finals. Nearly a thousand people watched the game on the spot. The reporter saw on the scene that the level of the teams entering the finals was very high. The average age of the seniors in the middle-aged and old-age team was around 55 years old, and they all looked like younger in their 10s. "From the dance of the old group, we can see that they live happily ever after." One of the judges of the rematch and finals, the deputy head of the Ningbo Song and Dance Troupe and the vice chairman of the Ningbo Dancers Association, Shari Na smiled and told reporters that these rows Although the dance teams are all non-professional, they have put forward professional requirements for themselves, and the layout is very complicated. It can be seen that they have been carefully prepared. "Especially in the youth group competition, the competition is very intense, each group has its own There are special features." Finally, the "Maria" brought by the Beilun Xinyi Street Cultural Station Dance Team, the "Bigstick" of the Chen Nilu Community Dance Team of Zhuang City, and the "Beyond Life" of the Dance Team of the Workers' Art Troupe of the Jiangjiang District He won the gold medal of the youth group, "Maria" of the old-age dance team of Zhaobaoshan Street in Zhenhai District, and "Judy Like Rock" of the dance team of Cixi Cultural Center won the gold medal of the old age group.