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Jiang Zilong’s lectures on literary creation and commercial management must find “soul” 2013-11-11


"The literary week is commensurate with the status of Ningbo's literary town. In recent years, Ningbo's poetry has been influential in the Chinese literary world. I believe that with the holding of the Cultural Week, Ningbo literature will develop more rapidly. Ningbo should Become a literate international business city.” Yesterday, one of the main activities of the first Ningbo Literature Week, the famous writer Jiang Zilong’s lecture on “Humanities and Social Influence of Entrepreneurs” was held at Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University. When Jiang Zilong was interviewed by reporters This is said. Jiang Zilong told reporters: "I have been to Ningbo before the 'Cultural Revolution'. The authentic Ningbo seafood I had at the time impressed me a lot. After the reform and opening up, I went to Ningbo many times and went to Youngor and other enterprises. Ningbo is a cultural atmosphere. In the strong city, many great intellectuals and famous academicians have emerged, and now many successful businessmen have emerged.” Over the years, Jiang Zilong insisted on extending his pen to the field of enterprise reform, as a pioneering literary approach to shape the reform of the new era. The famous novelist, his works not only broaden the horizons for the creation of industrial subjects and reform backgrounds by domestic writers, but also provide valuable inspiration for reflecting the current journey of Ningbo entrepreneurs to create greater glory. In the lecture, Jiang Zilong went deep into the four aspects of literary, film and television culture, social elites and the "fine" changes of society. Not only pointed out the problems existing in today's literature, but also pointed out the social problems that many people refused to face. He said: "At present, from the literary and artistic circles to the business world, there are various phenomena such as impetuousness, boastfulness, selfishness, and opportunism in the social mentality. So we need to find the soul now--not only literature needs to find support. The soul of writing, each of us must also find the soul that supports our own life." "The people who master the right to speak and guide the social trend are those with the word 'fine', such as social elites, wealth elites, business elites, cultural elites, etc. Everyone is eager to become 'fine', there are many people, and there are more fairies, and the whole society has undergone 'fine changes' in this process. However, becoming 'fine' does not mean success." Jiang Zilong believes that From literary creation to commercial management, you must find your own soul. In the turbulence of social development, we will not follow the trend, not wavering, not chasing after the name, and we will be able to write a truly in-depth work that can stand the test of time, and we can also establish a powerful enterprise that stands in the world. Jiang Zilong said: "In the past few years, I have visited many countries and found that the competition of enterprises and the competition of the country are all cultural competitions. I have met many Ningbo entrepreneurs abroad, which shows that Ningbo's business is going international. And correspondingly, Ningbo's literature and culture should also go international. I believe that Ningbo's business and enterprises should also combine with literature and help each other in order to go further in the international arena." At Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University The entrepreneurs of the Ningbo Manager College and the literature lovers of the city listened to the lectures yesterday.