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Yue Opera "He Wenxiu" reappears the stage Ningbo Xiaobaihua first tried "production system" 2013-11-11


The classic drama "He Wenxiu" of Yue Opera is in an inviolable position in the minds of many Yue opera fans. 31 years ago, Zhao Zhigang played "He Wenxiu", which was performed in Shanghai for a hundred games. The scene was full, and the scene was like the current Rolling Stone concert. Yesterday, "He Wenxiu" officially rescheduled. The starring star is still Zhao Zhigang. Just after 31 years, what kind of He Wenxiu will Zhao Zhigang bring to the audience? What is even more striking is that the creation of "He Wenxiu" is also the first attempt by the Ningbo Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe to "produce the system", which is also a pioneering work in the Yue opera world. "He Wenxiu" is the famous work of Yue Zhiwang, the prince of Yue Opera. On March 8, 1982, Zhao Zhigang's "He Wenxiu" was staged at the Luwan District Cultural Center. Nothing has been played, but the miracle happened. The first performance of 12 games, the second consecutive performance of 21 games, the third consecutive performance of 8 games ... until 100 games, two hundred games, the venue is full. Since then, there has been a prince in the Yue opera world -- Zhao Zhigang. Zhao Zhigang said in an interview with reporters yesterday that he has not remembered how many "He Wenxiu" he played. The heroine "Wang Lanying" around me is constantly changing. But this time, he invited his wife, Chen Yu, to "cross-knife" and play "Wang Lanying" in the play. Previously, Wang Lanying’s actor was mainly Yuan, and Chen Yu was Fu Quanxiang’s rumored disciple. This is also the first time that Fu Pai “Wang Lanying” appeared next to “He Wenxiu”. Zhao Zhigang told reporters that the "He Wenxiu" rehearsed 31 years later, in order to ensure the original taste, he also found the old partner of the year, the director is still Sun Hongjiang, the composer is still Chen Hao. The Yue opera has gone through a hundred years of history, how to make this ancient drama become youthful. This is also the question that Ningbo Xiaobaihua has been thinking about. In fact, in recent years, there have been many successful examples of the new dramas in the drama industry. "Whether it is the newly-made Peking Opera "The civet cat for the Prince" or Mao Weitao's new version of the Yue opera "Liang Zhu", they all make a modern interpretation of the traditional classics, which makes the traditional classics renew their vitality." Zou Jianhong, president of Ningbo Performing Arts Group, said. This also gave Ningbo Xiaobaihua the idea of ​​“building a brand new, stageless stage art boutique through cooperation with famous opera and famous brokers”. According to reports, the newly created "He Wenxiu" has added modern lighting, sound and clothing on the basis of retaining the original writer's well-known story and classic singing. In particular, it adopts the expression of "no games". There are no pauses and transitions in the tail, so that the plot conflicts are maximized and the old drama is rejuvenated. What is more worth mentioning is that "He Wenxiu" is the first time that Ningbo Xiaobaihua has implemented the "producer system" mode for the creation of the repertoire. This has a milestone significance in the history of the development of Yue Opera.