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甬上书画妙笔画秋鼓楼 "Autumn Xingqiang" essays exhibition popular 2013-11-11


On November 9th, the first essay painting and calligraphy exhibition of the "Autumn Xingqiang" Haishu Lake Art and Painting Art Garden was held at the Drum Tower Supervisory Office. Although it took only two days to develop, it has attracted many people to visit the exhibition. The Shushang Painting and Painting Court on the Lake was established in July this year. It consists of 14 artists, including Liu Wenxuan, Zhou Lizhi and He Shengsi. Each of the painters and painters stationed in Shuhuayuan not only has a studio in the historical and cultural districts of the Drum Tower, but also can use this platform to hold lectures and exhibitions, open to the general public free of charge, and face-to-face communication with the painters and lovers. This "Autumn Xingqiang" essay exhibition is the first cooperative exhibition of 14 painters and painters after the establishment of the Painting and Calligraphy Court. In this exhibition, a total of 28 paintings and calligraphy works were exhibited, and each of the two painters and painters had the theme of “autumn”. "On the one hand, it coincides with the season, on the other hand, the autumn is very cool, the people who paint and the people who paint are highly interested, and 'Qiu Xing'an can express people's inner feelings!" said the organizer. In addition, the exhibition is a small exhibition, the size of each painting is controlled within 4 inches. It is reported that this exhibition will last until the 19th.