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Seminar on the work of new novelists after the 70s 2013-11-12


Yesterday, the seminar of the 70th novel novelist works jointly hosted by Ningbo Wenlian and Zhejiang Writers Association and the first launch of "Ningbo 70th New Writer Wen Cong" was held in the city. The famous writer Jiang Zilong, the chairman of the Provincial Writers Association, and the famous writer Mai Home, Provincial Party Committee Secretary Jun Jun and editors of the famous national literary periodicals such as People's Literature, Poetry, Writers, October, Harvest, Huacheng, Jiangnan, etc. More than 30 writers and critics attended the seminar. This seminar is an important event of the first Ningbo Literature Week. It aims to publicize and promote the Ningbo students. At the seminar, the experts made in-depth and meticulous comments on the works of the post-70s writers Zhang Ji, Lei Mo, Yang Zhuoya, Zhao Ting, Yu Yu, Yu Yu and others in the one-on-one manner. Suggestions on how to improve the level of artistic creation. The participating experts agreed that the post-70s writers in the city have strong overall strength and have created a number of ideological and artistic works, which have received attention and recognition from the literary world and society. Just published "Ningbo 70th New Writer Wen Cong" is following the "Zhedong Writers Wen Cong", the City Federation of Literary and Art Circles another project to focus on the promotion of new literature, including the three volumes of poetry, novels and essays. The outstanding works of Gu Baokai, Qian Lina, novelist Zhang Ji, Lei Mo, essayist Xu Haizhen, Gao Pengcheng and so on. At the seminar, a ceremony was also held for the writers to donate books to Tianyi Pavilion, the City Library, and the Ningbo University Campus Library.