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"Collection of Ninghai" series of books published 2013-11-12


The "Ninghai" series of humanities series compiled by the Ninghai County Archives Society was recently published by Ningbo Publishing House. There are 4 series in this series, which are "The Most Chinese in Ninghai", "Celebrities and Ninghai", "Ninghai" written by literati in the past (upper and lower) and "Unsolved Mystery of Ninghai 16th National Congress". Among them, "Ninghai's China's Most" summarizes Ninghai's outstanding achievements from ancient times to the present; "Celebrities and Ninghai" disclosed the legendary scholars of the Song Dynasty, Zhu Xi, the author of the Yuanqu "Yu Ji", Gao Zecheng, the founding father of the Ming Dynasty, Liu Bowen and other historical celebrities and Ninghai. The relationship between "Ninghai" written in the literati of the dynasties recorded the ancient cultural relics of Ninghai in 1700; "The Unsolved Mystery of Ninghai 16th National Congress" threw out the mystery of Ninghai, such as Ninghai Guxianzhi, which is to be verified by future generations. Where is the head of the uprising, Wang Xitong, why his whereabouts are unknown.