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Mai Jia: I chose to adhere to the choice of literature. 2013-11-12


The picture shows Mai Jia in an interview. "Literature Week is the first form of activity in Ningbo, and the first time in Zhejiang. Literary activities are being carried out in every city, but such heavyweights are very rare. This activity is long, has many forms, and is rich in content. The works of Ningbo writers have been promoted to the whole country and have made a good start. In the past few years, the literary circles of Ningbo, the prose, the prose, and the poetry have made remarkable progress. This literary week is not only affirmation of Ningbo literature in recent years, but also A preparation for the long-term development of the future.” Yesterday, at the launch of the 70th New Novels by Ningbo Literary Federation and Zhejiang Writers Association and the launch of the “Ningbo 70th New Writer Wen Cong”, the chairman of the Provincial Writers Association When the famous writer Mai Jia was interviewed by the reporter, he gave a high evaluation of the first Ningbo Literature Week and the creation of the Ningbo writers group. Mai Jia said that the works of Ningbo's 70-year-old novelist in this study have been read one by one. "These writers have their own characteristics. Some people's works have left a deep impression on me. At present, Wenzhou The Jiaxing writers group has already started the brand in the country, and the Ningbo writers have been concerned about Ai Wei, Rong Rong and others. Now it seems that the Ningbo writers group can be described as successor, and a group of post-70 writers are expected to become the Ningbo writers group to enter the country. The pioneers." But Mai Jia also pointed out: "If Ningbo writers are satisfied with this, then it is nothing. If this is the starting point, for the starting line, after 10 years and 15 years, then they will become today's Ai Wei, today's Mai family.” He said that in Zhejiang, the business atmosphere is rich, and the temptation of materials is easy for writers to change course. He has seen many talented writers with his own eyes and forced to change his life pressure to do nothing related to literature. Work, maybe make a little money, but it is a pity to interrupt the creation. The post-70 writer of Ningbo’s message: “When you choose the path of literature, you must stick to it. I believe that you will have some rumors in literature. If you are too impetuous, stop here, then you will soon be forgotten. Can't satisfy the current achievements, it is only a basic point for you to jump." The Ningbo family is very appreciative of Ningbo's invitation to the national masters and editors of famous magazines as a local writer. He said: "Literature needs writers to use talents to use their blood. To water, but on the other hand, it is necessary for the Federation of Literary and Art Circles to create conditions and give support. It is understood that in order to support the new literary writers, Mai Jia founded the ideal valley public welfare platform in Hangzhou, any writer who has become famous or not famous, if the living situation, If the creative conditions are not good, they can be invited to the ideal valley and get support from life so that they can concentrate on creation. Mai Jia said: "Literature has given me a lot of names and benefits, but I can't spend it. I am willing to let others share it. I will send a ride and push one on the road of growth. The ideal valley has been running for more than a year and has received the north of Shanxi. Floating young people, girls studying in Jiangxi, I hope that Ningbo writers can also write to the ideal valley. The writers need a certain creative atmosphere, and the ideal valley is a literary net of realizing dreams.” Last night, by the city The famous writer Ai Wei hosted the "Literature Reading Salon - Dialogue Maijia", which was held at the College of Humanities and Media of Ningbo University. The university students and Mai Jia had a face-to-face exchange.