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The largest exhibition since the establishment of the museum 2013-11-12


The picture shows the sand painting "The Red Leaves in the Forest" in the collection of the Ningbo Art Museum. One of the seasons of the 2013 National Art Museum's collection of fine exhibitions sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, “Life·Eternal” – the 50 famous works of Chinese oil paintings in the collection of Ningbo Art Museum will open on November 14th. This is the construction of Ningbo Art Museum. Since the museum was the largest and highest-grade exhibition, yesterday, the reporter interviewed the director Han Licheng at the Ningbo Art Museum. "The works exhibited from the Revolution of 1911 to the founding of New China, to the day of reform and opening up, a picture, all of which are immersed in the excavation and enlightenment of the great masters of life, all of which bear the mark of the transformation of social life. According to the director of the Korean pavilion, among the works exhibited in this exhibition, there are a number of Ningbo Museum of Fine Arts “the treasure of the town hall”, including oil paintings, Luo Gongliu, Yan Shangyi, Zhan Jianjun, Quan Shanshi, Zhu Naizheng, Zhong Han, etc. The masterpiece of man. Among them, Zhan Jianjun's "Xiongguan Man Dao" and Quan Shanshi's "Eight Women Casting Jiang" and other works represent the highest achievements of Chinese art circles in the creation of historical paintings; and like Dong Dongwang's "armed people", the visual sense is very strong. The expression of oil painting language is full of tension, and the character of the character is outstanding. It is a portrayal of real life at that time. In addition to the classics, this exhibition also featured some of the famous Haigui oil paintings and young talents who are active in today's art world. Many of the works are publicly presented for the first time, such as the legendary Ningbo painter Sha Fei's "Red Leaves in the Forest". He is a passionate sketching work in the case of a better mental state; He Muqun returned from the trip is considered to be an indispensable painter in the history of modern Chinese art, and his "Banana and Apple" is also on display. Li Di, a painter returning from Lude, exhibited "Kicking the Sky"; Wang Gang's "Old Wan Li Xiang" showed the image of contemporary migrant workers' life with deep humanistic care. These collections use real-life artistic expression techniques, which fully reflect the various states of people's lives in different historical periods and have high aesthetic value. Director Han told reporters: "Ningbo Art Museum has collected more than 3,400 pieces of works, covering 17 kinds of art such as Chinese painting, oil painting, watercolor painting, printmaking, calligraphy, installation art, pottery, paper-cutting and sculpture. It has become the largest in China. One of the museums. It is understood that this exhibition will be held until December 14th, during which some artists such as Zhong Han and Shao Yachuan will participate in academic seminars and theme lectures, and will present the audience to the exhibition site to train the students. As a famous demonstration student.