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Han Han Guo Jingming is getting farther and farther from literature 2013-11-13


As one of the first literary week activities in Ningbo, the "Literature and Our Times" Literature Summit Forum was held at Ningbo University yesterday afternoon. The "heads" of famous domestic literary periodicals such as "Harvest", "Fiction Selection", "Flower City" and "Writer" gathered together to express their views on the relationship between literature and the times. The editors are not arguing about the confusion of the current literature being marginalized, but the experts also pointed out that "the light of literature will not go out even if it is bleak again." At the forum, many editors were blunt about the confusion faced by the current literature. With the great richness of material life, literature seems to be more and more "useless" and marginalized. Yongxin, the main programmer of "Harvest" magazine, pointed out that in the lively atmosphere of the literary world in the 1980s, the author appealed to the readers through literature and communicated with readers. The readers used literature to understand the era in which they lived, and no longer existed. Yuan Min, the editor-in-chief of "Jiangnan" and a famous writer, used his personal experience to face this inescapable fact. "I once went to Shanghai to participate in a book exhibition. After a round of laps, I found that these things are presented in a written form. Literature has nothing to do." Yuan Min, who has edited the "National New Concept Composition Competition Award Winning Works", also regrets that Han Han, Guo Jingming and other young writers who have been excavated are now farther and farther away from pure literature. Wu Xuan, executive editor of "West Lake", said frankly that modern literature is no longer a "mirror" that reflects reality. In his view, the current literature is challenged by the times, and the complicated reality even defeats the original literary logic and literary imagination. "Under such real conditions, how to reconstruct literary logic and literary imagination has become an issue that needs to be considered." Although literature is marginalized, editors agree that the power of literature will not disappear. "In the face of changes in the times, everyone's heart will always have some kindness, bottom line and emotions to be cultivated, and at this time literature will bring you strength like a drizzle." Cheng Yongxin said. Then, how can contemporary literature meet this era, and what kind of literary way should writers and poets use to write the style of this era, depicting the context of this era, and even hurting it? In this regard, the editors have their own opinions. Fu Xiuying, editor-in-chief of "Fiction Selection", believes that literature should not be like news. In her view, "Many novels are just too close to life and become a replica of real life, but there is no literary imagination." She said that literature is not a bystander of the times, writers only write personal The joys and sorrows can write the joys and sorrows of the times and arouse the reader's resonance. Fu Xiuying's point of view was recognized by Zhao Lanzhen, deputy editor of "October". "How to measure the quality of a work is not conclusive. But one thing is certain, that is true. The story is only the framework of the novel, only the story-telling novel. Not a good novel, leaving the real, the novel can only become a rootless wood." Unlike Zhao Lanzhen's point of view, "The Writer" editor Zong Renfa believes that many novelists nowadays must learn to "tell the story." "The current trend of literature, the writer should first be a storyteller. Just as Mo Yan's Nobel Prize for Literature, "I am a storyteller," the story is a rope that the novelist throws to the reader to climb up." Said.