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14 local famous artists' "Qiu Xing" essay painting exhibition was popular 2013-11-13


The "Autumn Xingqiang" sketch painting exhibition of 14 local famous artists along the drum painting art gallery in the Drum Tower has been carried out in the Drum Tower Supervisory Office, which ended on the 19th of this month. The 14 famous artists are Liu Wenxuan, Zhou Lizhi, He Shengsi, He Yeqi, Lin Shaoling, Wu Pingan, Sheng Yuanlong, Chen Chengbao, Yan Yapei, Wang Daping, Han Peisheng, Li Yutang, Chen Yafei and Fan Guoming. The excitement of the first day made the organizers somewhat surprised. In the face of the high popularity of the scene, some artists expressed their feelings: "Art should be like this, everyone can get close!" On Saturday, the first day of the launch, the reporter rushed to the inspector. At the time of execution, the scene was crowded with people, and most of the visitors were directed at their favorite book and painters. Drum Tower along the staff Xiao Cui is very busy this day, because someone is coming to ask her about painting. A young man is going to find a painting for his new home. It was originally directed at Liu Wenxuan and Zhou Luzhi, the two veterans of the calligraphy and painting circles. However, after seeing the scene, they took a look at it. The 14 pieces of famous pieces are The boutique, and the style is different, so he strolled around the exhibition hall, and did not make a decision in the morning. At noon, the buyer finally made a decision. Although the works of the two veterans are good, the style and the decoration style of the home are still somewhat different. However, Lin Shaoling’s "Most Reminiscence is Jiangnan" watercolor painting is how to look suitable. And the total price is within the range that I can afford. After the meal, the buyer rushed back to the exhibition hall. I didn't expect Xiao Cui to tell him that the painting had just been bought by another buyer a minute ago, which made him regret it. He told reporters: "The first shot failed, but eating a long one, buying art and buying daily necessities is different. If you encounter something you like, you must be decisive, because the good works are a lot of vibrators. "The most memorable Jiangnan" purchaser surnamed Ge, is a foreign trade practitioner. He and his friend Roger came late, but both of them were based on one eye and one of them was a picture. Mr. Ge told reporters that he and Luo Jie are both members of the Scholars Club. This is a platform for a group of friends who love learning and public speech to organize themselves spontaneously. They often share their experiences with art. Mr. Ge said that the color of Lin Shaoling's watercolor painting is softer than that of the Swedish painter, but it is more resonating. "My hometown is in Ninghai. When I came to Ningbo in 1993, I was able to see a scene like this small bridge. This painting I touched the memory that I buried in my heart, and the scene of the past came to my eyes, so I paid the deposit with almost no hesitation.” Mr. Ge’s 10-year-old daughter is also studying Chinese painting, very talented, and has just passed the sixth grade. “She It is still impossible to fully understand the connotation of these works, but let her accept the influence of art, and the progress will be faster.” Such a folk painting and calligraphy exhibition is indeed a good opportunity for children to get close to art. The baby who came from the child, even the babies who learned the babble, was very happy to see the colorful paintings. Real life pressure "Shan Da", envious of the paintings of the idle cloud cranes Mr. Ge's friend Luo Jie is the chairman of Dexin Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., he bought a painter Wang Daping's "Song Feng boiled". Asked why he bought this painting, Roger said it was because he was happy. "I saw this painting at a glance. I stood in front of the painting for a few minutes. The more I look at the mood, the better. The long-lived old man in the painting is leisurely and self-satisfied. It is very intelligent and leisurely. The modern people are under the pressure of 'mountain big' and everyone is jealous. With such a paradise life, this painting can bring me inner peace.” Roger used to buy paintings for the company's customers, mainly for merchandise painting, European and American style decoration, oil painting, Chinese style. The decoration will send landscape paintings. "The price of commodity paintings is now more and more expensive. Some of them are also worth a thousand pieces, but they are not worth collecting. They are only for decoration. If you come across the owners who understand painting, I will consider them in the future. Send some affordable paintings to them.” Compared with other buyers, freelancer Dong Xiaolin has more research on art. He has used his paintings to change his paintings from childhood, but from Did not buy it. In terms of investment collection, he has been buying comic strips of small paintings. The total price is low, and there is a fixed communication circle. After reading the introductory article about this book and painting exhibition, Dong Xiaolin felt that the opportunity came. "I used to go to art galleries and other places to watch exhibitions. But the large-scale exhibition works are large in size, and the strength of their own purchase is not enough, and most of them are for Academic exchanges, almost no opportunity to buy." He said that he is very recognized by the newspaper's collection of views, "Ningbo's art soil is not very fertile, cultural atmosphere is not very strong, many excellent painters work prices are biased It’s a pity that the painters who go out are different. Many of the famous Shanghai-style artists are from Ningbo, so the strength of Ningbo people can be seen.” However, he thinks this is a good thing for collectors. I have the potential. "I hope that after the newspapers, they will engage in more activities like this. The culture will be popularized. The artistic cells of the whole city will be activated. The paintings in our hands will be more collectible, and the painters will be able to settle down. Create more and better works.” Dong Xiaolin purchased Yan Yapei’s work “Dahualingxia” because the size is small and the total price is not high, he said that in addition to investment Tibetan, but also to decorate a new home. Because the whole is modern minimalist style, the living room bedroom is hung with abstract paintings. Only in this study, he must hang this Chinese painting full of scholarly ink, "the style is also unified, and I love to stay in the study, naturally To hang your favorite paintings." ■Related Links In the creation of Chinese paintings, there are generally two types of works: one is a macroscopic system that is carefully conceived, has many image images, and has a complicated structure. It is customarily called a large piece. The work; the other is an impromptu work from the image to the pen and ink, which is very concise and has a clear and interesting look. It is generally called a small piece. Therefore, "small goods" is like a small poem, a short song, not a deep, serious, but seeking fresh, lively, impromptu, simple and concise, is the characteristics of the essay. One. The essay is known for its appreciative and lyrical nature. It focuses on the pursuit of aesthetics and the bursting of certain moods. Because the stencil painting image is relatively simple and simple, the frame size is also small, which is suitable for ordinary family decoration appreciation. The freedom of expression is also a feature of it. Many painters of all ages used their life's energy in pen and ink, and the sketches best reflected the artist's pen and ink achievements. This is because the sketches are easy and free to play the painter's pen and ink skills, and they are constrained and restricted. small.