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12 Ningbo writers appeared in close contact with readers 2013-11-14


12 writers and readers exchanged scenes. Yesterday afternoon, Yu Yongfu, Qiu Yi, Yu Wenzhao, Xu Haizhen, Weng Qingwei, Le Jianzhong, Gong Cheng, Jun Yi, Zhu Hefeng, Tian Ya, Yu Zhaozhao, Zhu Tianwen, a total of 12 Ningbo writers with their own works, collective appearance The University Library of Ningbo University meets and exchanges with readers. This is also one of the series of activities of the first Ningbo Literature Week “Literature Enters the People”. This event is popular with writers and readers. The citizen Yan Mingfu specially invited the unit to take a vacation to communicate with Xu Haizhen. He told reporters: "I often read his articles in the newspapers, especially his delicate style of writing. He can describe a seemingly ordinary detail of others." The poet Yu Zhaozhao is instructing an 18-year-old on the spot. How do Anhui girls write poetry. "A good poem is pondering. Many poetry lovers have a misunderstanding. They like to use metaphors and rhetoric constantly to pursue rhetoric." In Yu Zhaozhao's view, writing poetry is just a subtraction. "When others read When you are poetry, you can't see that you used rhetoric, and you succeeded." She also said that writing poetry should also deal with the relationship between words and emotions. Sometimes words should wait for a strong emotion, sometimes the emotions must wait for the first time. Burst text. Yu Zhaozhao’s words made the girl nod frequently. Writer Weng Qing believes that such activities are very good. If there is life in literature, there must be readers. The quality of the works depends on the reader's reputation. Face the readers and understand their needs in order to write a living work.