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“Flower Blossoms” showcases Qian Ling’s paintings and works of art 2013-11-14


“The sound of flowers – Qian Ling Ge Art Exhibition” will be held at the Ningbo Art Museum on November 15th. The exhibition will showcase more than 70 comprehensive media paintings and derivative works of art and installations that Qian Lingge has carefully created in recent years. Qian Lingge was born in Yanan in 1945. He graduated from the Department of Vocal Music of the People's Liberation Army Academy of Art in 1965. She has gradually cultivated her painting skills in her dealings with the older generation of artists Huang Yongyu, Huang Miaozi, Lu Yishao and Ding Cong. Although she was not a graduate of the class, she was considered an artist of various talents. For more than 10 years, Qian Lingge has created a large number of abstract paintings with the theme of “Flower of Flowers” ​​and integrating painting and music. His works are natural and casual, focusing on the expression of inner feelings. In addition to exhibiting more than 70 art works such as Qian Ling Ge's acrylic paintings and ink paintings, this exhibition will also bring a large number of artistic derivatives designed and produced based on Qian Ling Ge's paintings to the public. The exhibition will last until December 2.