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The 5th China Cixiao Festival kicks off 2013-11-18


The 5th China Cixiao Festival, with the theme of "Xi Xiao, Beauty, Happiness and Dream", opened today. The event was jointly organized by the Jiangbei District Committee, the District Government and the China Cixiao Festival Organizing Committee. As the country's first "hometown of Chinese filial piety culture", the culture of Cixiao in Jiangbei District has a long history and profound knowledge of Ci and filial. The district has successfully held the 4th China Cixiao Festival, which effectively promoted the promotion of Cixiao culture and improved the local popularity and reputation of the district. This year's Chongxiao Festival includes the activities of Cixiao Zheshang into the town of Cixiao, the activities of Cixiao Zheshang “Meet the Old Bund”, the Cixi Credit Series, the start ceremony of the Cixiao Park, the “Saturday and the Ancient County”, and the “Ci Xiao Family” A series of main activities such as the selection and the launch of thousands of Cixiao volunteers into the community (village) activities. Among them, the Ningbo (Jiangbei) Cixiao Tourism Product Matchmaking Meeting was held on November 8th, and the travel business of the key source market was invited to visit and negotiate the docking in Jiangbei, and some cooperation agreements were reached. The “Highly Holding Double Fires and Illuminating Happy Old Years” initiative and the “Thousands of Cixiao Volunteers Entering the Community” activities were launched on the 12th. Thousands of Cixiao volunteers went deep into the community (village) to carry out the door-warming action and healthy filial piety. And volunteer services such as helping the elderly.