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Helen musical instrument ten years of wisdom 2013-11-19


Recently, Commemorative Commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of Comrade Deng Xiaoping's "Using Foreign Intelligence and Expanding Opening to the Outside World" was presented at the 12th China International Talent Exchange Conference held in Shenzhen. Helen Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. was the only selected result in our province. Participated in the exhibition, showing the "nuclear fusion" that Helen's piano took over in the past ten years with the introduction of a team of foreign experts. In the ten years since 2003, Helen's piano has relied on the introduction of the international master team to realize the triple jump from a small private piano parts and accessories factory to the whole piano production, OEM processing, and the establishment of independent brands to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Leap-forward development has become a "permanent resident" of the Golden Hall in Vienna. Behind the dazzling piano is the wisdom of high-end foreign experts and Helen people pursuing national dreams. Peter Villetzky, the master of the piano family of the century-old piano family in Vienna, let Helen's piano go on the road of making the whole piano; French piano designer Stephen Parillo perfected the craft of Helen's piano and passed the "Bechstein" Quality Management System certification; American piano designer George Frank Emerson made Helen's piano go international. His HG178 grand piano became the first Chinese piano to enter the Vienna Golden Hall; France, Austria, tuning, and The masters of sound masters such as Stephen and Spean have made the sound and sound quality of Helen piano perfect in the process details and post-production, tuning and tuning, and become the forest of the piano maker. In the past ten years, through the introduction of foreign experts, Helen Piano has adjusted its product structure, created and owned its own brand, and cultivated its own team, built its core competitiveness and enhanced its competitiveness in the international market. At present, the company has formed its own core technology, with 22 patented technologies, including 3 invention patents. Emerson, Peter and other experts won the "National Friendship Award", "Zhejiang West Lake Friendship Award", "Ningbo Camellia Award" and other honors. Helen Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. introduced foreign intelligence model into a model.