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"Ci Xiao · Da Ai --- Meet the Old Bund" party was held in Jiangbei 2013-11-19


At 7 o'clock last night, the 5th China Cixiao Festival "Ci Xiao · Da Ai --- Meet the Old Bund" large party was held in Jiangbei. The whole party explained the profound meaning of "ci" and "filial piety" in the form of readings, songs, dances and interviews. The donation of the “Millions of Scholars” education fund and the awarding ceremony of the “Hundreds of Households and Family” show the power of “Xixiao” with vivid examples. At the event last night, the representative of “Xi Xiao Zhe Shang” talked about his views on “filial piety” and “civility”. Yao Jinhua, honorary citizen of Ningbo City and vice president of Hong Kong Da Nang Association, believes that the young people nowadays are remembering their parents' hearts and holding the Chinese Ci filial piety. They hope that young people will pay attention to their own development and can go home to see more. Wang Weiming, president of the Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce in Ningbo, was the founder and donation representative of the “Millions of People Aided Scholars”. He left his hometown for more than 20 years and saw the tremendous changes that have taken place in Ningbo. He also thanked the migrant workers for their contributions. The investment of 1 million yuan is mainly for the distribution of 1,000 children of migrant workers. I hope that they will grow into literate people and return to society in the future. The evening party commended 8 households of "Xixiao Family". They acted as representatives of the "100 households and filial piety family" and explained the filial piety with practical actions: ten years of voluntary haircuts, twice a week for fathers to wash their feet, and long-term care for their mother-in-law, for each A citizen has set an example.