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China (Ningbo) Maritime Culture Week kicks off on the 22nd 2013-11-21


The reporter learned today from the Haishang Festival Organizing Committee that the 2013•China (Ningbo) Maritime Culture Festival will be held in Jiangdong District from November 22nd to 28th. At that time, many achievements showcase the research on Ningbo Maritime Culture. Will be unveiled one by one. With the theme of “Inheritance, Innovation and Dreams”, this year’s Maritime Culture Week is based on “establishing the theoretical foundation, cultural foundation and mass base of Jiangdong’s maritime culture, and striving to create a strong atmosphere for the construction of maritime culture”. Dialogue and other activities, fully explore the cultural connotation of the maritime business, inherit the historical context of Jiangdong, comprehensively display the fruitful results of the research on maritime culture in Jiangdong District, and reflect the spirit of maritime business in the new era that Jiangdong District is striving to build. In order to actively create a good atmosphere for the construction of the theme culture of the sea merchants, Jiangdong District has successively launched the “Collection of the Sea Merchants and Old Stories in the Chuanqi” from the beginning of August to the end of October. The three collection activities of the maritime and micro-movie collections collected the old photos, old stories and micro-screen scripts that reflected the elements of the maritime business and reflected the spirit of the sea merchants. Event Arrangement: (1) Ningbo Maritime Culture High-end Dialogue Time: November 22, 2013, 9:15-11:30 am Venue: Hefei Creative Square Pearl Bay (No. 317 Jiangdong Road) (2) Zhehai Changguan Site The opening ceremony of the monument: November location: South of Jiangdong Road and Changguan Road intersection (the entrance of the People's Bank of China), Qing'an Hall (3) Top Ten Business Group Opera Performance Time: November 21-23, nightly 19:30—21:30 Venue: Qing’an Hall (4) Maritime Culture Photo Exhibition Time: November 22-December Location: Each street will be displayed for one week. After the street tour, it will be arranged to the Qing’an Hall. Medium and long-term display (5) "Knowledge of the sea merchants and words": Competition time: November 22nd - December (six) Maritime Culture Tour Handbook Released: December