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The drama amateur troupe show has old plays and new plays. 2013-11-25


The outstanding performance of the 2nd Amateur Drama Troupe, hosted by the Municipal Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau, will be held on December 3. The performance will last for 10 days. At that time, 17 outstanding amateur drama groups from the city will perform at the Shaw Theatre and the Guangde Lake Theater in Jiushi Port, and perform 17 major performances. Compared with the first performance of last year, this time not only doubled the number of participating teams, but even more gratifying is the appearance of original plays. It is understood that the troupe selected for the performance must meet a number of conditions, such as providing more than two repertoires, a fixed lineup of actors, a band team, lighting and sound dancing people. In the first performance of last year, a total of 8 teams brought 8 performances, and the number of performance troupes this year soared to 17. These amateur drama performance groups come from grassroots communities and villages, including Haishu, Jiangdong, Jiangbei, and Zhangzhou. It is worth mentioning that some amateur troupes have developed towards professional troupes, with business licenses, performance licenses, etc., with more than one hundred performances a year, showing that the Ningbo amateur drama has a professional performance level. Due to the expansion of the scale of the show, this year's performance venue, in addition to the Shaw Theatre, added the Guangshi Lake Guangde Lake Theatre, which is mainly considering that the west of the city has always been an important base for the drama, and has a broad mass base. The rich content of the repertoire is also a major feature of this year's performance. In addition to traditional repertoires such as "Half Scissors", which are popular among fans, some of the amateur troupes' self-directed new plays are particularly eye-catching. Zhou Dapei, the head of the Tangxi Opera Troupe, told the reporter: "The troupe has been in existence for five or six years, and it is usually performed mainly in Zhangzhou and Fenghua. In the first half of this year, the troupe made an actor adjustment, supplementing many ages of 40 and 50. Fresh blood. This year is the first time to participate in the show, in order to train the team, show the style, and also exchange experience with the brothers' theater." The Tangxi troupe brought the group's original repertoire "Feng Yu Wang Shengda" . In addition, such as "Country Guifa", "Women and Daughter", "There is a milk is a mother" are also original repertoire. Some of these repertoires reflect real life, carry forward the spirit of the times, and some are based on real people's real events, highlighting regional characteristics, not only reflecting the unremitting pursuit of Ningbo's amateur pipa performing groups to inherit tradition and be brave in innovation, but also represent their creation, platoon, The latest achievements are worth seeing.