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Cixi native film "Wind and Sun" appeared in Hollywood 2013-11-26


A small-cost movie featuring the construction of beautiful countryside in Cixi, "Wind and Sun", was invited by the 9th Hollywood China-US Film Festival in 2013. These days are related to "We will pass away." "Youth", "Beijing meets Seattle", "Little Times" and many other Chinese blockbusters are on the same stage in the United States. Recently, this news has become a big talk of Cixi people after a meal. Relevant information shows that the investor of the film is Zhejiang Zhenyue Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Yesterday, the author contacted Hu Jianzhu, executive director of the company. For nearly a decade in the cultural industry, he is a native of Cixi. According to him, at the film festival, the invited films will be displayed in more than 200 exhibitions at more than 20 screening venues such as Hollywood in Los Angeles. "We are honored to be able to exhibit with so many excellent films. This is a theme film that truly reflects the story of the new rural construction." Hu Jianzhu revealed that the company has invested more than 4 million yuan in Chongshou Town last December. The boot was completed by the Changchun Film Studio. The film background of "Wind and Sun" is a fiery scene of Cixi people's entrepreneurial innovation in the reform and opening up. The prototype of the characters is a grassroots village secretary who is very familiar with everyone, such as Majiafu, the former village secretary of Zhoutang Town Hutang New Village, and Ximenwai Village of Longshan Town. Secretary Lu Yongkang, the former village secretary of Dashan Village, Henghe Town, Jin Jinchao. As a country-themed film, the film revolves around topics such as the reform of rural houses and the construction of new countryside. It tells the story of how the grassroots village secretary can solve the spiritual and cultural needs of ordinary people. "The film actor lineup includes famous Chinese actors Hou Yaohua, Chen Jingbo, etc. The film is very real, and it is also in the Cixi area. I believe everyone will like it." Hu Jianzhu revealed that they are also planning to wait for the film festival to end. Heli Li moved to the national rural theater. In addition, cooperation with Cixi Cinema has been under negotiation and is expected to be released in Cixi's theater in December. Hu Jianzhu, who is both a filmmaker and a director, is most excited about not participating in movies in Hollywood, but as a film in Cixi, which can enter the international arena. According to him, there are not many films that can be entered into Hollywood by film production teams in the province, and there are only a handful of them in Ningbo. "In the past few years, we have mainly produced small commercial films. Now we are not only considering economic benefits, but also showing the style of our hometown to more audiences," Hu Jianzhu said.