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Ningbo University Students Creative Design Competition was announced 2013-11-27


The picture shows the winning exhibition site. S3 energy-saving key switch design, solar water purifier design, home oxygen generator design, preschool children's entertainment learning products, elderly educational toys, nine-color chess... All kinds of creative design products closely related to citizen life are in Hefeng Creative Square Show. Yesterday afternoon, the 2013 Fengfeng Creative Year and the “Hundred Years of Hefeng Design Future” Ningbo University Student Creative Design Competition Awards Ceremony was held here. The contest collected more than 500 innovative design works from college students from all over the city. After expert evaluation, Mi Xuelong and Lu Chunfang of Ningbo University of Science and Technology of Zhejiang University won the gold medal in the design of passive passive body-driven rehabilitation device for the elderly. Yang Zhi of Ningbo University Dream and Liu Shengli’s “Innovative Design of Flat Cotton Mop Mop” and Lu Chunfang and Wang Chenyu of Zhejiang University’s Ningbo Institute of Technology won the Silver Award for “Innovation and Design of Maternal and Child Disinfection Cabinets”, and 23 works won bronze and excellent awards. . The winning entries will also be exhibited at the Hefeng Creative Square, which will last until the 29th of this month.