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Yu Zhihua: The watcher of the art of "grass flower" 2013-11-27


In the predecessor of the drama - Ningbo Beach Spring, "grass flower" is the harlequin that provokes the audience to laugh and the old days. In the lyric drama "Fengyu Wangshengda" which was toured in the city a few days ago, Yu Zhihua, who is a editor, director and performer, is one of the few "grass flowers". In 1957, Yu Zhihua, who was under 14 years old, became the youngest student in the troupe. He often played the role of the son of "Tianlu Girl" and the supporting role of the scorpion in "Fig". Everyone called him "Little Man." Zhang Deyuan, one of the leaders who had retired from the drama "Three Big Grass Flowers", was enlightened by Yu Zhihua and sent Jin Xiaoyu, one of the four famous names of Ningbo Beach Springs, to practice. Mr. Zhang first taught the grass flower drama "Selling Grasshoppers". He cultivated Yu Zhihua with his hands and hand, and another gentleman, Shen Guizhen, also urged him. Three months later, Yu Zhihua reported at the Zhenhai Theater and won the approval of the predecessors in the drama industry. Since then, Yu Zhihua has also learned the "Shuang Mo Tofu" by Zhang Binyun and Zhang Deyuan's "Selling Winter Vegetables", "Selling Garbage", "Staying in the Burning Incense" and other grass flower scenes. The "Cultural Revolution" began, the theater company was dissolved, and Yu Zhihua in his early 20s became a worker. After more than ten years, the troupe was resurrected, but he was difficult to return due to family reasons. When he arrived at the retirement age, Yu Zhihua returned to his hometown to return to his old country and to drum up the folk troupe with others. Although the members are outsiders, Yu Zhihua is very confident. He believes that there are two styles of "Qingke" and "Caohua" in the drama. The rural audience prefers to watch the "grass flower" drama of the comedy color. This is a great opportunity for them. He started to create the script himself, and started from the "Old Bottled New Wine" "Women and Her", and created the Qingzhuang drama "Old Tears", "Country Guifa", "Rotten Winter Melon Legend", "Guo Zhen and Gui Ying" The "Lianhuan Case", "Sit in the wrong sedan", the modern drama "Li Jiamen on the beach" and the modern drama "Ming Yue Village after the reunion", the number of new plays is the highest in the city, and the performances of the troupe are also the same in the city. The most troupe. To this end, the book "History of the Drama of the Opera" writes: "Yu Zhihua, who loves drama and drama, is a life, and has a spectator's fate. He is in the self-directed drama "Wang Xihe". Ah Da, the vivid performance won wide acclaim. Although his evil mother-in-law is hateful, but he plays a full-fledged character, performing well and receiving rave reviews. Yu Zhihua is known for his smooth vocal performance, profound performance and rich stage experience. The style is not reduced.” While winning the praise of the rural audience, Yu Zhihua’s grass flower performance has also been recognized by urban audiences and industry experts. During the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, he performed at the Shanghai Lanxin Theatre, "Wo Xi He" and dumped Shanghai fans. The director of the theater invited him to participate in the centennial celebration of the theater in the following year and appointed the play. In the second year, Yu Zhihua re-enacted as scheduled. When the curtain call came, the audience lined up to ask for a photo with him. In September this year, Yu Zhihua’s “Fengyu Wangshengda”, which reflects the entrepreneurial history of the century-old “Wang Shengda”, was popular among the audience after the performance. On December 9th, the show will also participate in the outstanding performance of the second amateur drama group of the city. Today, although Yu Zhihua has been over the ages, his love and pursuit of the art of "Caohua" has made his art roads flourish.