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The result of "non-legacy" protection in Yinzhou District 2013-11-30


The reporter was informed at the 2013 Zengzhou District Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Work Conference held yesterday that there are three major innovations in the protection of “non-legacy” in Yinzhou District: care for the inheritance of the “source”, establish a “non-legacy” theme website, and establish a “non-legacy” "Based on incentives, the three moves came together and the results were outstanding. Since September this year, Yinzhou District has opened a national first-class river and provided free health check-up services to the “non-legacy” inheritors. It has been welcomed and praised by 72 “non-legacy” inheritors in the region, and has also caused the whole society to inherit the “non-legacy”. People's concern has been highly praised by national “non-legacy” experts. The second is to expand the cultural communication of "non-legacy". This year, Yinzhou District took the lead in opening the first county (city)-level special non-legacy website in the province, introducing all the “non-legacy” projects, inheritance bases, inheritors' appearances, and “non-legacy” achievements in the whole region, attracting CCTV and other majors. The media came to report. The third is the newly established Heritage Base and the Education Heritage Base “Enhancement Award” to encourage the bases to actively carry out the “non-legacy” inheritance and continuously improve the quality of education. Yesterday, Qiu Yi cited Green Food Co., Ltd. (Qiu Yu Xian Yu pickling skills), Ningbo Lubao Food Co., Ltd. (Wang Shengda traditional grain and oil processing skills), Zhangshui Town Zhengjia Primary School (Zhebei planting and processing skills) and so on The batch of “non-legacy” inheritance bases won the award for the first time. It is understood that Yinzhou District established a "non-legacy" liaison team as early as six years ago to specifically discover, collect and organize "non-legacy" materials. In order to improve the theoretical knowledge level of “non-legacy” protection personnel, this year, the Cuizhou District Cultural Center has trained more than 400 people in 13 sessions and was rated as the advanced group of the “non-legacy class” in the city. The hard work has finally brought in fruitful fruits. This year, a batch of “non-legacy” works such as the 船-style furniture “boat drum” and the bone-wood mosaic “Wan Gong-Beng” won the “Famous Flower Award” in Chinese folk art; seven new provinces were added in the district. The “non-legacy” inheritors, the newly created gold and silver color embroidery and other four municipal “non-legacy” protection demonstrations; the district has emerged a number of “non-legacy” such as Yunlong Town Government, Wuxiang Town Government, Chen Qiaoying, Le Haikang, Wang Xianding, etc. "Protect the work of advanced collectives and advanced individuals.