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More than 60 pieces of works in the city won the national provincial award 2013-12-02


"Culture makes life better" song and dance performance at the literary evening. A few days ago, the “Cultural Life Makes Better Life – 2013 Ningbo Public Culture Construction Tour” was held at the Ningbo Cultural Square Grand Theatre. The evening party reviewed the construction of Ningbo's public culture in 2013. In this year, Ningbo's public cultural service system has achieved a heavy honor. According to statistics, in 2013, more than 60 works in the city won awards in various national and provincial competitions. In the "Stars Awards" competition of the 10th China Arts Festival, Beilun District's dance "Qingqing Bamboo", Ningbo Bishu "Bing Station Story", Haishu District's group singing "Southern Chamber North is a song", Jiangdong District's solo "small" The Prime Minister of the Lane, the group of Yinzhou District sang "The Footsteps of Early Spring", the essay "Folder" of Cixi City, and the Xiangshan Singing News "Long Green Onion" in Xiangshan County, which won 7 "Star Awards" for the city. Ranked first in the same city in the country, accounting for half of Zhejiang's award-winning works. The essay "Sunshine Apartment" of Ningbo Cultural Center successfully entered the final of the National TV Shorts Competition and won the Outstanding Drama Award in the 5th "Chinese Drama Awards and Small Opera Awards"; the works of the two calligraphers in the first session The “Sha Meng Hai” Cup won the highest award in the National Calligraphy Seal Exhibition. The Ningbo City Cultural Center Stars Choir and the Yinzhou District Cultural Center Starlight Chorus won the first prize of the Provincial Chorus Competition.