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Zhu Jinqi Wood Carving Art Museum: Ningbo Non-legacy Leading House 2013-12-02


Zhu Jin lacquered wood car, Ningbo Zhu Jin lacquer wood carving is the wood carving art of gold lacquered wood on wood carving. It is carved with fine wood of eucalyptus, eucalyptus and ginkgo, and is decorated with gold foil and lacquer painting. Decoration, not only the carving is to strive for exquisiteness, but also the painter's grinding, scraping, coloring, gold, and flower drawing are very particular. It is this kind of craft that makes Zhujin lacquer wood carvings have a magnificent and golden effect. In 2006, Ningbo Zhujin lacquer wood carving was included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage. The Zhangzhou Zhongyi Sculpture Factory in Hengxi Town became the base of Ningbo Zhujin lacquer wood carving. The Hengxi Town Government attaches great importance to the protection of Zhujin lacquer wood carvings, and specially arranged 20 mu of land for the construction of hardware facilities for the Zhujin lacquer wood carving protection project. From 2008 to 2010, Chen Gaihong, the representative inheritor of the project, lasted for 3 years and built a 13,000-square-meter Zhujin lacquer wood carving art museum and inheritance base with self-raised funds of 10 million yuan. The base integrates production, collection and craft display, and is the first complete exhibition hall of Ningbo's intangible cultural heritage. At the same time, Chen Gaihong also spent 2.8 million yuan to produce the representative work of Zhu Jin lacquer wood carving - Wan Gong Se, won the 9th China Folk Arts and Crafts Mountain Flower Award. Cangzhou Zhongyi Sculpture Factory was renamed as Ningbo Zhujin Paint Wood Carving Culture Development Co., Ltd. in 2012, and plans to do four things in the next five years: First, continuously enrich the collection and enrich Ningbo Zhujin lacquer wood carving art museum. At present, there are more than 800 collections in the art museum, worth 8 million yuan, but Chen Gaihong is not satisfied, but also strive to collect more precious and research-oriented Zhujin lacquer wood carving works. The second is to create some large-scale representative works of Zhujin lacquer wood carvings. In addition to the completion of the Wangong Sedan, there are also thousands of working beds, thousands of workers (yarn boats), cats and other cages, and thousands of working beds and cats are already in production. The third is to widely apprentices, to cultivate Zhu Jin's lacquered woodcarvings and to carry forward the great cause. At the beginning of 2013, the base set up a teaching and inheritance base in Hengxi Town Middle School, so that the younger generation can further understand and appreciate the Zhujin lacquer wood carving process. At the same time, cooperate with relevant departments to participate in the exhibition of intangible cultural heritage. The fourth is to continuously develop the market, expand the corporate economy, and provide economic support for the development of Zhujin lacquer wood carving business.