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Jiangdong cultivates sea business culture to promote "urban dream" 2013-12-03


On the morning of November 22nd, a high-end dialogue at the Hefeng Creative Plaza opened the prelude to the 2013 Ningbo Maritime Culture Week. Four well-known domestic experts engaged in thematic culture and marine economic research, with carefully prepared courseware and topics, made a wonderful maritime culture and marine research in Jiangdong District of Ningbo from various angles such as city, culture and economy. Thematic research presentations in the field. In the afternoon of the same day, the “Zhehai Changguan Site” in front of Ningbo People’s Bank of Ningbo was grandly unveiled. The fifth generation of Fei Jinlun, the main sponsor of the Qing'an Club, explained the historical significance of the past and present of the Qing'an Hall and one of the earliest customs in China, the Zhejiang Customs. This scene also symbolizes the historical inheritance of the maritime culture. Jiangdong is one of the important birthplaces of Ningbo's maritime culture. The Qing'an Guild Hall, Zhehai Changguan, Hefeng Yarn Factory, Ningbo Federation of Trade Unions, and the Ice Factory are the historical remains of Ningbo Maritime Culture. Among them, the Qing'an Hall, the venue for the North-South business conference, is the prototype of the modern shipping center, and is also regarded as a symbol of Ningbo's modern international port city. At present, Jiangdong has gradually become a high-end service cluster area in Ningbo, and has gathered four world-class classification societies such as the Norwegian Classification Society, the Korean Classification Society, the American Bureau of Shipping, and the China Classification Society, and nine world liners such as Mediterranean Shipping. The top 20 companies, as well as the United States UPS, FedEx and other Fortune 500 companies. The upcoming Ningbo Global Shipping Plaza, superimposed with Ningbo International Shipping Service Center, will become a gathering place for all kinds of shipping entities. The cultural character of “open, diverse and innovative” of maritime culture has become the best choice for the integration of foreign cultures. The construction of maritime culture will promote the realization of Jiangdong 'service port', 'creative city' and 'urban dream'. Jiangdong District Leader said. Last year, the Jiangdong District Committee plenary session established the main tone of “promoting maritime culture and leading urban fashion”, focusing on “sea commerce” and “fashion” to create a city symbol with historical humanities, future values ​​and Jiangdong characteristics. . Jiangdong shuns this development trend to hold the Maritime Culture Week, explore the historical remains of the maritime culture, condense the spiritual connotation and contemporary value of the maritime culture, and explore the development of the marine high-end service industry and cultural and creative industries with the construction of maritime culture. Cultivating the Jiangdong urban culture with the core values ​​of the sea merchants not only seeks cultural support for Jiangdong's “two strong and two products” strategy, but also plays a leading role for Ningbo to build a marine economic core demonstration zone and a strong cultural city. "Thinking about the city, the soul of Jiangdong." In order to explore the cultural traditions of the maritime business, in August, Jiangdong District carried out the old story to the whole society on the mainstream media and websites--"the maritime merchants in the dynasty of Jiangdong", the old photos--"Jiangdong·the maritime merchants in memory ", micro-screen script - "Jiangdong · the sea merchants in the lens" three collection activities. At present, more than 30 maritime stories such as "Wang Kuancheng and Jiangdong's Love" have been collected, and 9 micro-movies such as "Bao Shun Wheel" and a large number of precious old photos. Nearly 200 old photographs highlighting the culture of Jiangdong's maritime culture were also seen in the old photo tour exhibition of the Maritime Culture Week.