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Fujian and Taiwan cultural creative design industry docking 2013-12-03


On November 21st, the Fujian-Taiwan Cultural and Creative Design Industry Matchmaking Conference was held in the Ningbo Free Trade Zone. More than 60 cultural and creative personnel from Taiwan and more than 100 entrepreneurs in the stationery and apparel industry in Ningbo conducted on-site docking and sought common development. The docking will focus on “creative design” and focus on the “stationery industry” and “dressing industry” with the most important advantages in the development of Ningbo's creative industries. Through the docking exchanges between the cultural and creative industry enterprise groups in Fujian and Taiwan, the cross-strait cultural and creative related companies will bridge the gap, on the one hand, deepen the understanding of mainland and Ningbo enterprises on Taiwan's cultural and creative design industry, and on the other hand, let Taiwan's cultural and creative design enterprises discover the mainland. The vast market and the excellent business conditions of the bonded area will promote the establishment of Taiwan's cultural and technological innovation enterprises. In order to make the results of the docking meeting finally come true, the Ningbo Bonded Area Management Committee, the Taiwan Cultural Industry Value-added Service Alliance, and Ningbo Huayun Hanfeng International Trade Co., Ltd. jointly signed a strategic cooperation agreement between Fujian and Taiwan. Established the "Yantai Cultural and Entrepreneurship Design Center" in the Ningbo Free Trade Zone as a commercial docking platform for the actual operation and established a long-term cooperation mechanism. The center will use the resources of both sides to establish a designer library and enterprise design demand release platform, to find designers for those in need, to find a platform for talented designers, and to become a "matchmaker" for Ningbo manufacturing and Taiwan design.