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Ningbo: Jiangnan ink, paper rolls 2013-12-06


"The book is ancient and modern, Hong Kong is the world." This is the theme slogan of the city image of Ningbo, Zhejiang. An economically developed port city puts books and readings at the top of the "business card", which is enough to show that this is a prosperous home that is full of books and culture. Speaking of Ningbo, you have to mention the name that is connected with the blood of Ningbo culture - Tianyi Pavilion. Tianyi Pavilion, from the "Han Yi Sheng Shui" in the Eastern Han Zheng Xuan "Yi Jing Note", means water to fire. Tianyi Pavilion was built in the 40th year of Ming Jiajing, and was built under the premise of the retreat of the Ministry of Military Affairs, the right minister, Fan Qin. This world-famous library is hidden in a narrow lane. However, "the book is not afraid of the deep alley", the Ningbo people who love the book can clearly smell the scent of the overflow of Tianyi Pavilion in a far place, strong and refreshing. Together with the tall and tall trees with green oil and moss on the alley, Tianyige infiltrates the taste of the words and the green of life, just like the same Jiangnan ink painting with the same color and flavor. It is damp and thick, and the foundation is heavy. The collection of books has always been the spiritual support of scholars, and the library is the temple in their hearts. In the midst of a stormy boat, how many books and buildings are in the dust, the literati have lived blood and flesh, and the smoke and rain have disappeared. Only the Jiangnan’s library building, which is home to the spiritual culture of Ningbo people, has survived for more than 400 years. . Almost every Ningbo person knows that in ancient times, a woman named Qian Xiuyun wanted to go to Tianyi Pavilion because she loved reading. She wanted to be married to the Fan family, but she ended up being depressed because of strict rules. A near-cruel tragedy, a daunting day, makes today's Ningbo people cherish the ease and carefreeness of reading. Ningbo people love to read books, and you can understand them when you go to Ningbo Book City anytime and anywhere. Regardless of how life, work, and mood, stepping into the door of the book city, they are all silent. Gently walk and look carefully, the sound of breathing is clearly identifiable. The charm of the book is here. Without the warning of “no shackles”, you can trust yourself to the ubiquitous tranquility in the cold, or sinking, or violent thought country. Dong Qiao said that the bookstore is still a small bookstore. It is a wind and rain pavilion in the Internet age. It is a fascinating humanistic road. It is difficult to rob the 10,000-volume sun. On October 14th, after the typhoon "Fete" plunged the ground, at the entrance of an ordinary bookstore in Yucai Road, Ningbo, people saw a scene of warmth and heart: a book soaked in water showed a smile in the sun. The bookstore owner said that wind and rain can destroy our homeland, but it is impossible to extinguish the fire of Ningbo people who love life and pursue ideals. 7000 years ago, Hemudu Culture wrote the password for life here. A group of people and water, books and texts are in harmony with each other, never separated from the fascinating time. Between the size and the inch, you can easily touch the spiritual core of tranquility. Here, through the elegant text and a short journey between paper pages, people use the simplest smiles and the most delicate emotions to gently tell the beautiful human ideals; here, there are small bridges, There are winding paths, and there are three rivers gathering, there is a sea tide, and there are bookstores, bookstores, libraries, and bookstores that are transformed into textbooks. Love books, love to read books, and even pick up the genes that the book loves, slowly accumulate, release, and inherit in the blood of the city, without traces, but also warm and leisurely, not in a hurry, and endless. Not long ago, six design plans for the new library of Ningbo Library, covering nearly 24 acres and a construction area of ​​30,000 square meters, were unveiled. The final dust will be settled by the citizens of Ningbo. The "long look" of the library is the result of the people who hold the books. Ningbo, you have Tianyi Pavilion, "the world is a book," you have a gentle citizen who loves books and loves words. You use the stitches of your writing to sew a beautiful scenery embroidered with Ningbo expression: the real warmth of the world, that Standing in the time, do not provoke sorrow, no sorrow, lightly turned, smiled and drizzled.