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Jiang Siyu Art Museum Zhenhai Opened 2013-12-07


The Jiang Siyu Art Museum was stationed at the Shichuan Wenchuang Industrial Center in Zhenhai Shimao Building and opened recently. The museum houses more than 50 paintings and engravings of the 100-year-old calligrapher Jiang Siyu, most of which have not been publicly exhibited. Jiang Siyu was born in Zhenhai, and was born in Yixing, Jiangsu Province in April 1914. I was influenced by the family and loved painting and calligraphy since childhood. In 1933, I was admitted to Shanghai Fudan University and studied calligraphy. In 1947, he officially worshipped the master of calligraphy and studied it as a cursive. He is good at body cursives, poetry, painting, and engraving. He is also a painter of the Ningbo Municipal Calligraphy and Painting Institute, a consultant of the Municipal Calligraphers Association and Zhenhai Painting and Calligraphy Institute. It is reported that the art gallery also displays woodcut artworks by Jiang Siyu's personal collection. The exhibition of the art gallery works is free to the public.