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Combing more than 60 years of Ningbo watercolor painting development, the City of Fine Arts Museum held a watercolor art exhibition 2013-12-07


The picture shows the exhibition site. Yesterday, “Water Rhyme----Ningbo 1949-2013 Watercolor Art Document Exhibition and Wu Aihua, Wu Mengmeng and Sons Exhibition” was held at the Ningbo Art Museum. The exhibition was hosted by the Ningbo Art Museum and the Watercolor Artists Committee of the Ningbo Artists Association. More than 200 watercolor paintings were exhibited, and the exhibition will last until the 22nd. Ningbo is an important base in the early development of Chinese watercolor painting. It has made outstanding contributions to the education and popularization of Chinese watercolor painting. Especially since the reform and opening up, Ningbo watercolor painting has become a force that cannot be ignored in the education and creation of Chinese watercolor art. At the beginning of the founding of the People's Republic of China, Ningbo had a watercolor painting team with Wu Aihua, Yousu and Guhua as the core, which opened a unique road of “water heart, heaven spirit” for the development of Ningbo watercolor painting. In the early 1980s, Hu Wenming and Peng Shibiao initiated the establishment of the Ningbo Watercolor Painting Society and began an organized exhibition of Ningbo watercolor paintings to communicate with other provinces and cities. Nowadays, Ningbo watercolor paintings are more dazzling stars. Lin Shaoling, Sun Ning and the main force of the new generation are Liu Hai, Gong Jianjun and Huang Huazhao. From their works, we can see the development of the Ningbo era. The artist's work reflects the unique style and spirit of Ningbo watercolor painting, and also feels their love for Ningbo. Such as the harbor pier, fishing village and fishing boats, the ancient bridge of the old city, the style of Lingqiao, the smoke of the Siming Mountain, the construction of the bridge, etc., are all vividly sketched out by them. At present, the strength of Ningbo watercolor painting is in a leading position in the same city in the country. Han Licheng, director of the Ningbo Art Museum, said that this exhibition is a clear line of more than 60 years of development of Ningbo watercolor painting. Along the route, you can find Ningbo watercolor paintings from scratch, from people to me, from me to the transmission and transformation of people. “The exhibition of watercolor art literature is the first step in the history of Ningbo art museum in Ningbo. It plans to make oil paintings next year, followed by Chinese paintings and prints, comprehensively completing the local art history of Ningbo, and systematically presenting artists and works to the audience. ”