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Ningbo Cultural Innovation Team Hong Kong Training 2013-12-07


Organized by the Propaganda Department of the Ningbo Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, the "Ningbo Cultural Innovation Team to Hong Kong Advanced Seminar" hosted by the Hong Kong Wen Wei Po and the Hong Kong Wenhui School of Management was held in Hong Kong from November 24th to December 1st and successfully completed. Looking at the training process, the Hong Kong Wenhui School of Management has effectively linked the cultural development needs of Ningbo during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period with the curriculum design. Based on the high-quality media advantages of Hong Kong Wen Wei Po, the leading figures from various innovation teams in Ningbo and representatives from the Hong Kong government will be represented. Representatives of media organizations and socialists who care about the development of Hong Kong's cultural and creative development gathered together to build a cultural innovation and reform exchange platform. In addition, the modular design of the college allows students to gain income and apply what they have learned in the short-term training process. Regarding the choice of teaching resources, the Hong Kong Wenhui School of Management fully considers the professionalism and particularity of the cultural innovation field, and invites representatives of Creative Hong Kong, Hong Kong Cultural Godfather Rong Nian Zeng, Hong Kong Phoenix Satellite TV Chinese Deputy Director Cheng Helin, Hong Kong Creative Industries and Technology Fang Wenxing, Chairman of the Innovation Committee Hong Kong, and Wu Qiuquan, Chairman of the Hong Kong Brand Association. The College also specially invited former Director of Intellectual Property of Hong Kong, Mr. Xie Sufang, and former Deputy Commissioner of the Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption, Guo Wenwei, to promote exchanges and developments in cultural construction, creative development and legal regulations. In terms of training style, in addition to regular classroom lectures, students will also arrange special lectures, visits, and exchanges, so that teachers and students can share and further promote the acceptance and digestion of new theories, so that students can have new in the future work. Ideas and innovative thinking. The seminars include "Creation of Creative Industries and Government Support", "Judicial Protection and Creative Development of Intellectual Property Rights", "How Brand Authorization Drives the Development of Cultural Industry", and "Competition and Development of Traditional Media in the New Media Era" "How to create innovative cities and training creative talents" and "Characteristics of Hong Kong's integrity system". The participants also visited the Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department, the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, the Hong Kong Phoenix TV, the Hong Kong Design Association, the Hong Kong Design Centre, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and so on. They participated in the innovative event "Dialogue in the Dark". The seminar was led by Wang Haijuan, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee and director of the Ningbo Internet Information Office. The accompanying innovation team members came from the Ningbo City Song and Dance Troupe Cultural Management Innovation Team, the Ningbo Opera Art Innovation Team, and the Ningbo Newspaper Industry Development Innovation Team. "Ruyi bird. "Sound Magazine" Zhejiang East Regional Cultural Creation Research Team, "Jiangnan Discourse" Regional Culture Image Recording and Communication Creation Team, Ningbo Grand Theatre Performing Arts Market Management Innovation Team, Grassroots Social Management Innovation Research Team, Vietnamese Women's Cultural Innovation Team, Xuanyi Net Road Culture Innovation Team, Mujin Paint Inheritance and Development Innovation Team, County-wide All-Media Integration Development “Zhenhai Model Innovation Team and Network Dialogue Social Service Innovation Team”.