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Academic Seminar on Sustainable Development of Cultural Heritage 2013-12-09


The Symposium on Sustainable Development of Cultural Heritage sponsored by the China Cultural Relics Society and the Ningbo Municipal People's Government (Ningbo) was held yesterday. With the theme of “new cognition, new concept and new practice”, the forum takes the big heritage as a new macro perspective and actively explores the historical site and the museum community to strengthen interaction, deepen sharing and develop under the trend of global integration and diversification. Innovation and contribution to the inheritance, promotion and development of human civilization. The president of the Palace Museum, Shan Yuxiang, gave a keynote speech entitled "Vision 2020 - The Glory and Dream of the Palace Museum". “Every time I went to Ningbo in the past few years, I really felt the cultural shocks again and again.” Shan Xiangxiang listed the opening of the Ningbo Museum, the Ningbo International Museum Summit Forum, the foundation laying ceremony of the Ningbo Underwater Cultural Heritage Protection Center, the Grand Canal and the sea. The Ningbo Road Forum on the Silk Road and other examples pointed out that the opening ceremony of the Millennium Monument in the Baoguo Temple Hall once again opened the prelude to the Forum on Sustainable Development of Cultural Heritage. Shan Yuxiang said that in 2020, the 600th birthday of the Forbidden City will be ushered in. The two major projects approved by the State Council, the overall protection and repair project of the Forbidden City and the Ping An Palace Museum will be completed. The opening of the Palace Museum will reach 76%. At the seminar, deputy mayor Zhang Minghua, Shanghai Museum Director Chen Yujun, Chinese Cultural Heritage Institute President Liu Shuguang, and Tsinghua University School of Architecture Professor Guo Wei explained the theme of “new cognition, new ideas and new practices” from different angles. "Promoting the Protection and Development of Cultural Heritage with the Road of Innovation"--The Path and Practice of Ningbo's Exploring the Sustainable Development of Cultural Heritage", "Shanghai Cultural and Urban Cultural Heritage--The Historical Echo of Shikumen", "International The theme report of China Underwater Cultural Heritage Protection and the Unique Value and Protection of Baoguo Temple Hall from the Perspective.