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The first discussion on "The Folklore of Folk Culture" 2013-12-10


Yesterday afternoon, the seminar and the debut of "The Folklore of Folk Culture" was held in Jiangbei. The author of "The Folklore of Folk Culture" is the vice chairman of the Jiangbei District Literary Federation and writer Wang Jing. Wang Jing has authored and published such works as "Northern People in the North of the City", "Retaining Cicheng", "Half-Life Wenyuan", "Finding Qilin Children------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Cicheng Yanmin Field Investigation, "Cicheng Rice Cake Cultural Memory" has won the China Folk Literature and Art Mountain Flower Award and Folk Literature and Art Academic Award. Jiangbei is the first hometown of Chinese filial piety culture. The book "The Folklore of Folk Culture" is based on Jiangbei, and describes the folk customs of Cifeng filial piety. Through the comparison with elite culture and classics culture, the contemporary value of Cixiao culture is obtained. - Respect, gratitude, responsibility, and harmony. The book is divided into the norms of life etiquette, the agreement of the four-eighth-eighth festival, the imprint of the hundred lines of industry, the record of folk literature and art, the soil of the culture of Cixiao and the inheritance of the culture of Cixiao. At the symposium, experts and scholars from the Provincial Folk Literature and Art Association, the Municipal Federation of Literary and Art Circles, the Association of Civil Literary Artists, the Ningbo Publishing House, the Municipal Writers Association and other units said that the book "The Folklore of Folk Culture" focuses on the ancient Jiangbei. The dynamic land, excavating the regional characteristics of the filial piety culture, expounding the essence of the filial piety, is of great significance to the promotion of the culture of the filial piety and the extension of the cultural connotation of the filial piety. On the first launch, the book was also presented to the Tianyi Pavilion, the City Library, the University Campus Library and other communities and the community with the “Ningbo (Jiangbei) Writer Bookshelf” and the first batch of rural cultural halls.