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Zhejiang Cixi Cultural Center Square is open free of charge 2013-12-11


Bright spotlights, flat concrete floors, high-sounding sound... Almost every night, residents of the community near the Cixi Cultural Center in Zhejiang Province will go to the “People's Stage” of the museum for leisure, entertainment and fitness activities. A few days ago, this free public welfare activity square, which was opened in June this year, officially started running. “People's Stage” is one of the “four hundred” projects of Cixi Cultural Center launched by Cixi Cultural Center to promote the level of public cultural services and give full play to the positions of the museum. This 2,000-square-meter outdoor plaza was initially ruined and poorly equipped. After spending 170,000 yuan on site leveling and outdoor lighting, it is now open all day, providing a free and open public welfare venue for citizens, friends and literary teams. It integrates culture, art, leisure, entertainment and fitness. Since the free opening of the "People's Stage" in June this year, it has attracted many citizens and literary and art teams to carry out activities here, and has become a stage for the citizens to show their self-style. At the same time, as a sub-square of city-level cultural and artistic activities, the Municipal Cultural Center uses the "people's stage" to radiate, organizes a combination of demonstration and mass entertainment, and creates a "Star Avenue" belonging to the people themselves.