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The literary and art volunteers of our city went to the bridge village of Qijiang Town to perform condolences. 2013-12-13


Last night, the literary and art volunteers expressed their condolences to the performance in the bridge village of Qijiang Town. Sichuan Opera changed face, sci-fi acrobatics, jazz dance... Last night, the Ningbo Municipal Literature and Art Volunteers, jointly organized by the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Municipal Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau and the Municipal Federation of Literature and Art, went to the grassroots condolence performances in the bridge village of Qijiang Town, the old revolutionary area. Bring warmth to the villagers in the winter night. Previously, the city's literary and art volunteers have gone to the grassroots to perform more than 30 games. The once-in-a-century floods damaged many counties (cities) in the city. When the people suffered disasters, the literary and art volunteers were not absent. Many literary artists went to the front line of flood control and disaster relief, and focused on flood relief work. creation. At present, a number of literary and artistic works such as literature, painting, photography, sound and dance, opera, and essays have been created, such as the song "Into the hearts of people" and the "Family of the City", which reflects the spirit of fighting floods and disaster relief. Photographs, etc., reportages that comprehensively reflect flood and disaster relief are also being created. These works reflect the touching deeds and great spirits emerging from the earthquake relief in the form of literature and art. They are the pioneers of the Song Dynasty era and inspire the cadres of the city. The literary and art volunteers went to the grassroots to express their performances. They not only received strong support from the literary artists and literary and art volunteers in the city and county (city) districts, but also received positive responses from the city's private theater companies. The city's Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe, the Municipal Opera Troupe, Yuyao, Zhangzhou, Ninghai Yue Opera Troupe and other city-level, county (city) district-level professional theater groups, integrated performance resources, prepared a number of classic dramas and folding dramas for the people in the disaster area. The private troupe of Ningbo Feiyue Song and Dance Troupe and Ningbo Clarion Culture actively carried out the creation of original songs and dances, sketches and melodrama around the touching stories of flood fighting and disaster relief. From the end of November to the end of December, the volunteer team of the city's literary and art circles carried out more than 60 literary condolence performances in rural areas, communities and enterprises in Yuyao, Fenghua, Jiangbei and Zhangzhou. Last night, the performers of Ningbo Clarion Culture Company presented more than 10 wonderful programs, regardless of Tibetan dance or rock skewers, comedy sketches or anti-strings, cheering applause from time to time, many viewers picked up mobile phone video recordings, live Warm atmosphere. The person in charge of the company said that in order to perform in the village, the actors have been rehearsing for one month. "We also invited the international gold medal balance acrobatic program as the finale." Zhu Yanhong from Yanling School of Qijiang Town took his brother and partner. They came to the scene. "Today is as happy as a holiday, with our favorite acrobatics and face changing." An aunt told reporters: "There are more people coming tonight than the New Year's performance. The stage is so beautiful, very Attractive." Many villagers said: "How good a performance is, it is best to play a few more games."