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The author of "China in Liangzhuang" is a guest lecture 2013-12-16


Yesterday afternoon, the local literature researcher, the author of Liang Shuhong, the author of the best-selling book "China in Liangzhuang" and "Out of Liangzhuang", as the guest speaker of the "Tianyi Lecture Hall" of the Ningbo Library, brought a title to the reader. The lecture "Liang Zhuang and China" tells her about her writing of these two books. Liang Hong’s lectures are simple and vivid, and people listen to it. At the beginning of the lecture, Liang Hong mentioned the impression of Ningbo. She felt that "Ningbo people are blessed." During a short trip, she visited Tianyi Pavilion and she “feeled special touch” and emotionally thought that “I saw not only architecture, but also human life. In the long river of time, there is such a kind. Culture is flowing and has nourished the Ningbo people. Whether we have seen it or not, it is there. There is such a good building and living condition, I think it is really happy." Liang Hong’s hometown is in Liangzhuang, Ganyu County, Henan Province. In 2008, she encountered bottlenecks in academic research. She took the hometown as a backdrop to examine the actual living conditions of the village and used the winter and summer vacations. I chatted with "grandfathers, grandmothers, and cousins" and listened to their stories and wrote "China in Liangzhuang". In this book, Liang Hong writes about the living people and things living in Liangzhuang, and sees from these stories "its fate, its changes." "Of course, behind this, I want to think about Liangzhuang or the country. What does it mean in the process of China's rapid development? The existence of the village means for us today, for our development. What? This is what I want to study the most." Once the book was launched, it received the attention of a large number of scholars and readers. Since 2011, Liang Hong has turned his attention to the migrant workers who came out from Liangzhuang, and in April this year published the second monograph "Jiangliang Zhuang Ji". "The country is a real problem in China, and it contains specific survival problems. It is also a deep cultural issue, including our own life patterns, existential patterns and emotional codes, which contain the basic problems of where we are going in the future." Liang Hong believes that whether it is the future of the city, the relationship between the people and the class, or the future of the country, it is a very grand and far-reaching proposition. "We need everyone to think about it, and we all need to participate in it."