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"Golden Generation" Yue Opera Drama "He Wenxiu" starts this Sunday 2013-12-18


■ The stage of the dance beauty stage is all hand-painted. There are not a few curtains in the country. It is a step that many people watching movies often overlook. But an exquisite good play, the light and dark refraction of the curtain is definitely the focus of attention. In the drama "The Secret Love of Peach Blossoms", the star is performing in front of the stage, and the painter draws a peach flower scene on the back curtain, which makes many people praise the festival - so fresh and wonderful. "He Wenxiu" hand-painted all the scenes, and the details were carefully studied to one of the partners. The boss of Hangzhou Chuyang Culture was also very vocal. "The Yang Wicker on the stage is bought, and now the props are convenient. But they actually used the oldest method - first draw on the cloth, cut it, and then put it on the black cloth. Yang Wicker is bright and dark, and it is alive and well." Yang Wicker is still a small thing. It is more than 10 meters long. The sky curtain of up to seven or eight meters (the big cloth hanging behind the stage) is also hand-painted. The bamboo and houses above are all coming. The situation. The artist who is invited is Wu Huiguo, the director of the original dance beauty center of the Shanghai Yue Theatre. There are few drama artists like this in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. ■ The costumes boldly use the black villain style to sing the evil spirits. In the Yue opera, the color of the clothing is relatively mild. The students' clothes are mainly light blue and blue, and the image of the gentleman is like a jade. This time, "He Wenxiu" invited the famous designer Lan Ling to re-create the costumes, and the pieces of clothes were carefully watched. Compared with how Wenxiu made an official post-serving private visit to Sangyuan to find his wife, the original version of He Wenxiu cloth blue shirt; in the new version, He Wenxiu is black brocade, dark flowers looming. "Because of being an official, there is a hidden official power, black is more gas field, seeing the wife's forbearance can touch people's hearts." Zhao Zhigang explained the meaning of the new clothes. The villain's costume, Zhang Tang's costumes, is even more eye-catching. The full set of rose red, but not glaring, completely lining up the image of a vicious son who is greedy. ■ The slapstick has the slow motion of "The Matrix" and the frivolity of the burlesque. Although it is the Yue opera, "He Wenxiu" includes all the elements of the drama conflict: beauty, jail, love, revenge... Of course, there is no fight. If you just turn a few fights like a traditional opera, if you smash a few tricks and fight fiercely, there is no need to rearrange "He Wenxiu". When the big villain Zhang Tang tried to force him to fight for He Wenxiu's wife, there was a classic slow-motion in the movie "The Matrix", Keanu Reeves to avoid bullets, and also in the burlesque, fast dodge. The design of the martial arts action is exactly like a movie that stimulates the eye. So fine-tuned, only for the Yue Opera inheritance is more beautiful. This time, "He Wenxiu" was a new line of old operas. Zhao's workshop found Ningbo Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe and Hangzhou Chuyang Culture to work together. The artist, the state-owned academic group and the professional performance and operation agencies jointly invested and cooperated, and completely implemented the "producer system" to launch a form of drama, which is still rare in the Yue opera world. All is different, just for a better look. The only constant is Zhao Zhigang's beautiful appearance and rounded aria. On December 22nd, Hangzhou Theater, Zhao Zhigang's new classic drama "He Wenxiu" expects you to find more different.