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Literary squadrons look for "growth points" and set off again 2013-12-19


Maijia communicates with students at Ningbo University and communicates with Ningbo's 70th novelist novels and "The Ningbo 70th New Writer Wen Cong" debut of Jiang Zilong's lecture: "Humanism and Social Influence of Entrepreneurs" December 11, Ningbo The poet Rong Rong won the 2013 "People's Literature" outstanding poetry award in the group poem "Slow Voice". This is another happy event in the literary world of Ningbo. In recent years, the creative strength of Ningbo writers has been continuously enhanced, and old writers have been arrogant. As a young and middle-aged writer of the backbone, new works have appeared, and new literary talents have emerged. The city's literary creation momentum is gratifying. Last month, the first Ningbo Week of Literature, hosted by the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Federation of Literature and Art, and the "Literature Port" magazine and the Municipal Writers Association, provided positive energy for the social and economic development of the city in the form of literature, and let literature go to the public. Promote and prosper the construction of a strong city in our city. As the chairman of the Provincial Writers Association said, “Ningbo Literature Week is a major event at the aircraft carrier level. It is both an affirmation of Ningbo literature in the past few years and a preparation for the future development.” The Ningbo Writers Association has more than 800 members. People have formed a group of writers with various creative talents and reasonable ladder structure. National "Five One" Project Award (Xia Zhen), National Lu Xun Literature Award (Rong Rong), National Outstanding Children's Literature Award (Li Jianshu), Bing Xin Award and some important domestic publications such as "People's Literature", "October", The names of the writers in the city have appeared frequently in the important awards held by the "Poetry" and "National Literature". Many writers such as Ai Wei, Zhao Baitian and Zhang Ji have successively won the title of "Literature Star" and the provincial "Five". One of the "Engineering Awards", the Provincial Excellent Works Award, and the works of Ai Wei and others have also been adapted into hit TV series, which has had an important impact in China. Zou Daming, secretary of the Party Committee of the Municipal Federation of Literary and Art Circles, believes that over the years, the writers of the city have maintained a good creative momentum, actively integrated into the times, consciously paying attention to the society from the perspective of literature, and taking the role of literary form as the main theme of the "Chinese Dream" era. The spirit of the society is to convey the positive energy of the society, actively participate in the construction of Ningbo's economic society, use literature to tell the story of our social development, and record the changes of the times. “The first literary week of Ningbo was held, thanks to the prosperity and development of Ningbo’s literary career in recent years. One of them is that a group of young writers stand out and they are growing steadily.” The first Ningbo Literature Week was “for the times, "People's Peer" is the theme, with the "literary event" as the purpose of the festival, the "cultural benefit of the people" as the concept of preparation, through the organization of literature awards, works research recommendations, literature to the public three major activities, including the "Zhu Jiwang Literature Award" "The awards ceremony, Jiang Zilong's famous lectures, dialogues on Maijia, Ningbo's 70th novelist novels seminar, "The current literature and our times" summit and other 14 special events, guiding the majority of writers to adhere to the people-centered Guide to creation, establish the views of the masses, give play to the role of literature in leading the fashion and serving the society, let literature go to the masses, and promote and prosper the construction of a strong cultural city in the city. During the literary week, Liao Ben, vice chairman of the Chinese Writers Association, former vice chairman of the Chinese Writers Association, Jiang Zilong, chairman of the Tianjin Writers Association, and Mai Jia, chairman of the Zhejiang Writers Association, People's Literature, Poetry, Writers, October, The editors of the domestic famous magazines such as Harvest, Flower City, Jiangnan, and West Lake gather in Yucheng to discuss the works of Ningbo writers and make suggestions for the development of Ningbo literature. Ai Wei, vice chairman of the Provincial Writers Association and a famous writer, believes that in the increasingly marginalized literature, the influence of literature has been effectively expanded through the form of Ningbo Literature Week, so that the voice and charm of literature reach the general public. There are a group of post-70 writers in Ningbo who are growing up. Many people in the fields of novels, poetry and prose have entered the field of national literary circles. The creations like Zhang Ji, Qian Lina and Remo are strong. The Literature Week invited a number of domestic famous magazines to name their writings in Ningbo, which is undoubtedly a precious experience for them. Through this form, Ningbo Literature Week can promote a group of young writers in Ningbo to the whole country. Qi Jun, the secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, evaluates the first Ningbo Literature Week with "innovation". First, content innovation, bringing together so many literary activities such as literary awards and seminars is a good move; second, mechanism innovation, It is not only the innovation of service training mechanism, but also builds a platform for writers, establishes communication channels with major editors and famous critics, and innovates in introducing famous artists, invites famous critics and writers to face each other; and also innovates in reward incentives, Ningbo Literature At one time, two literary awards were established—the “Literature Port” annual awards, the Chujiwang Literature Prize and the Yulihua Literature Award. In addition, the cooperation mechanism innovation, Ningbo and Provincial Writers Association, major publications such as “People’s Literature” and “Ten "Moon" and other cooperation - "October" annual new award, "People's Literature" novels biennial award, newcomer awards, etc. in Cixi, Zhangzhou awards, Ningbo Wenlian and Writers Association for the local writers set up a very good platform. Through the literary week event, the enthusiasm of Ningbo literature was once again ignited. Rong Rong, chairman of the Municipal Writers Association, said that the development of literature and art and the improvement of the artistic quality of the masses are a long-term process. The Ningbo Literature Week event has made us feel the expectations and needs of the people for high-quality, high-level cultural products. Future work raises higher requirements. The Literature Week has ended, but the construction of Ningbo's literary career is ready to go, and it has embarked on a new journey. One of the activities of the first Ningbo literature, Zhou Guang, was a seminar on the works of Ningbo's late 70s novels, Jiang Zilong, Mai Jia, Qi Jun and editor-in-chief of People's Literature, famous critic Shi Zhanjun, and the main program of Harvest, Yongxin, Hua Yan, executive editor Zhu Yanling, "October" deputy editor Zhao Lanzhen, "Jiangnan" editor Yuan Min, "writer" editor Zong Renfa, etc., one by one, Zhang Ji, Lei Mo, Yang Zhuoya, Yu Yu, Yu Yu, Zhao Ting . The seminar is not only the need to publicize and recommend the Ningbo students, but also an important measure for the city to persist in cultivating local literary talents for many years. In recent years, the Municipal Federation of Literature and Art has done a lot of basic work in grasping creation and talent cultivation, and actively created a platform for young writers to appear. City Federation of Literature and Art invests hundreds of thousands of yuan each year, focusing on supporting literary creations on major subjects, and earmarking special funds to promote the research activities of recommended writers to Shanghai, Hangzhou and other places to publish works, publishing "Zhedong Writers Wen Cong", and launching more than 100 The author's 107 individual works, published 17 biography of "The Academician's Road", edited and published "Ningbo Selected Works", "Ningbo Contemporary Writer's Prose Selection", "Ningbo Contemporary Poetry Selection", "Ningbo Contemporary Small Fiction Selection" There are more than 200 kinds of selected works. In the first half of this year, there were three volumes of the "Ningbo 70-year-old writer Wen Cong", including poems, novels, and essays. The literary movement needs to continue to develop with young people. Experts believe that the post-70s writers have strong overall strength and created a number of works with strong ideological and artistic skills. The time has come for Ningbo literature to move to a new level. "These writers have their own characteristics. Some of them have left a deep impression on me. At present, Wenzhou and Jiaxing writers have already started their brands in the country, and Ningbo writers have been concerned about Ai Wei and Rong Rong. Zhao Botian and others, it seems that the Ningbo writers group can be described as successor, and a group of post-70 writers are expected to become the pioneers of the Ningbo writers group to enter the country." Mai said. Zhao Botian, director of the Municipal Federation of Literature and Art, said that from the writer's point of view, Ningbo literature is not a sharp point in Zhejiang Province, and its influence in the national literature is weaker. This is not commensurate with the status of Ningbo city, restricting Ningbo literature from going forward. Factors. Now there are a number of new young writers, and there are gratifying achievements in various styles. From here, we can see the hope of Ningbo literature in the future. Novels, prose, and poetry have new faces. Their works have attracted the attention of journal critics and have the potential to continue moving forward. From here, we can see the new growth points of Ningbo literature. Zhang Ji is a young writer who is generally optimistic. His novel "The Ram" will be published by the Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House. The creation of short and medium stories is also very good. This year's 12th issue of "People's Literature" will launch him. a novella. Remer's novel language narrative has its own characteristics, and Wang Lu's children's novels have a good response. Chen Weijun and Zhao Ting are gradually attracting attention. Pattyguri's prose has great originality and high recognition. It has gradually attracted the attention of the prose community. The newly published "hidden hometown" mainly writes about the living conditions of people under the conflict between Xinjiang culture and Jiangnan culture. With a unique mark of life and traces of thought. Xu Haijun’s historical and cultural essay “Seeing the Words like Ruan” examines the relationship between people and history. This is a publication that goes on the market. Xu Haizhen is constantly setting himself a benchmark and constantly surpassing himself. Qian Lina won the first "People's Literature" poetry newcomer award. This year, People's Literature recommended a group of poems by Gao Pengcheng. Chen Degen, a young poet who came to work in Cixi, Guizhou, participated in the Youth Poetry Association this year and won the "October" poetry award. He is a leader in the creation of New Ningbo people's literature and is considered to have reached professional standards. Young writers have gradually grown up in the field of reportage. The "Gale of Geological" created by Tianya won the provincial "five-one" project award last year. With the deeds of Damin Fen, the principal of Damin School, Qian Lina is writing the main melody report "You are the same". Zhao Baitian said that the Literary Federation and the Writers Association should create a good environment for the emergence of new writers and the emergence of good works, actively create a platform for young writers, solve their difficulties in creation, and help them guide them from spontaneous writing to conscious writing. "The corresponding writers should have less utilitarianism and more courage in artistic exploration." It is reported that in 2014, a seminar on the new essayist works of Ningbo after 70 will be held, and another batch of new talents of Ningbo literature will be unveiled as a whole. Nowadays, referring to the group of Ningbo writers, Ai Wei, Zhao Baitian and Rong Rong are influential in the country as spokespersons of novels, prose and poetry respectively. The famous writers and famous editors who came to participate in Literature Week believe that Ningbo is a city with great strength in creation. The literary features of Ningbo have not been fully opened. Compared with Ningbo’s economic and social development, Ningbo literature continues. Rich and expanding space. The "Jiangnan" edited by Yuan Min has published the works of Wenzhou writers, including novels, essays, literary reviews, etc., and her 10,000-volume out-of-stock has impressed her. In 2008, at the Wenzhou Young Writers Seminar, famous critics such as Li Jingze commented on and discussed the works of writers. Wenzhou’s writers team made a leap. Wenzhou writers Dong Jun and Su Tong won the second Yudafu novel award short story award. . Yuan Min believes that Ningbo can launch a group of young writers as a whole, that is, when Jiangnan is able to publish the special number of Ningbo young writers. In the past year, the City Association has actively organized relevant writers to participate in various training courses. Such as participating in the Zhejiang University's Zhejiang University training class; organizing the selection of young writers from the city to participate in the provincial association's youth creation class; selecting and recommending a young writer to participate in the China Association for Youth Creation; recommending a young writer from the city to participate in the training of the National Luyuan . At the same time, through the selection of various counties (cities) and districts and arts associations, it is recommended to participate in the recommendation list of the “Professional Poets Creation Seminar (Ningbo Class)” of the relevant provinces (cities) held by the Chinese Writers Association next year. In addition, we will continue to strengthen the work of the Ningbo Young Writers' Association, cooperate with the Ningbo Education College and the "Southeast Business Daily" training and the journal of the young writers, carry out various activities, and carry out the "Xiaohewen Cong" essay writing activities for the training of new literati. Work hard. It is reported that the City Writers Association is building a member electronic file to better serve members. "Literature Port" will open WeChat, Weibo, and publish e-magazines, hoping to combine traditional publications with new media to expand its influence. This year, the city has established and prepared two literary awards—the Chu Jiwang Literature Prize and the Yulihua Literature Award. The Chujiwang Literature Prize is a permanent annual work award established by Literature Harbor magazine. The single (group) works have a prize of up to 100,000 yuan. Wang William from Guangdong relies on the novella published in the 11th issue of Literature Harbor magazine. "The Horcrux" won the first prize of the Jiwangwang Literature, and at the same time won the award for outstanding works, including Pati Guli from Yuyao, Zong Lihua from Shandong and Li Nan from Beijing. "Literature Port" magazine originally focused on providing a platform for local authors to provide literary dreams. Since the revision in July this year, it has changed to a local-based, nation-wide mode of running magazines. The magazine has also been changed from the original bimonthly magazine to a monthly magazine, from a thick and serious change. Keeping improving, we have worked hard to find new ideas and foster new ideas, and strive to make the magazine upgrade to a new level on the basis of the original, and become a nationally influential publication. Rong Rong, editor-in-chief of "Literature Port", said that the writers' works published in the "Literature Port" magazine with high bonuses reflect the esteem and eagerness of the "Literature Port" magazine on fine works, and also represent the readers' excellent works of literature. The expectation is a kind of respect and encouragement to the writer's creation. Named after the famous American writer Yu Lihua, the Yu Lihua Literature Award is the first literary award established by Ningbo in the name of a writer. It will build an effective platform for the growth of young writers in Ningbo. The first award will be launched in March 2015, and the award will be completed in May. It is expected to be awarded in November. Rong Rong said that cultivating and supporting new literati is a long-term project, and the city association will continue to intensify its efforts in building a new force for the literary army. On the basis of 2013, we will incorporate the work plan for the coming year into the framework of the work of the Provincial Writers Association, work together to realize the five major plans of Zhejiang Literature, and jointly promote the “New Dutch Plan” to pave the way for the discussion of young writers' works. In 2014, the “Young Poets” seminar hosted by the Chinese Writers Association, Ningbo won 15 places, and various activities will be launched in the new year. From the annual large-scale square poetry reading activity “Spring to send you a poem” to the first Ningbo Literature Week, from the first Chujiwang Literature Prize to the Lilihua Literature Award, the cohesiveness and radiation of Ningbo literature are constantly increasing. How to cultivate and tap more masterpieces through various platforms is a bigger issue facing Ningbo literature in the future and is the direction of continued efforts. Literature is very important to a city. An excellent literary work is enough to make a city three-dimensional. This is what literature means to a city. Zou Daming said: "We believe that in the cultivation of literary and artistic talents, as long as we persist in basing ourselves on the local level and base ourselves on the foundation, after years of hard work, the literary cause of Ningbo City will surely see a very gratifying situation in which newcomers emerge and masterpieces emerge. ”