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Let the traditional dough shape go to the fashion field teacher to make a colorful "face" world 2013-12-19


Tian Chao produces a wide variety of doughs and shapes. A tie, a pick, a painting, a sketch, a beautiful golden pheasant's tail is displayed in front of everyone. The quiet man with a double-sided plastic hand is 29-year-old Tian Chao, an external teacher at the Zhejiang Institute of Commerce and Technology. "Continuous learning and transformation can only see the wider world." Tian Chao feels that dough is an art created with heart. In the 10 years of the face plastic industry, his life has become more colorful because of the "face". From studying everywhere to starting a studio, from recruiting to being hired as a teacher, every stage of the transition allows him to deepen his feelings about “face”. The day before yesterday, taking advantage of the absence of class, Tian Chao picked up the dough at his desk and made the tail of the golden pheasant. "This work is called 'Jin Yu Rong Hua' and is inspired by hibiscus flowers." Tian Chao's speech rate is very slow. While introducing the reporter, he can still concentrate on production. He sneaked tightly, occasionally stopped to look at the whole, and adjusted as much as possible to perfection. It can be seen that this is a technical job that relies on patience. "Flowers and birds are more traditional, but they have good meanings and elegant styles, which occupy an important position in the production of facial plastics." Tian Chao said frankly that he likes to make golden pheasants. In recent years, many works have been created with the theme of Jinji. The reporter found that his computer desktop is a photo of a golden pheasant. Don't look at the surface of the work is simple, but the production process from design, conception to face-to-face is extremely troublesome. Fortunately, the experience accumulated over 10 years has made him familiar. After being famous, he was hired as a college teacher. At the end of 2003, 19-year-old Tian Chao left his hometown of Zhangjiajie in Hunan and went to study in the country. "The school is the hotel artist, but this craft has to stop learning, continuous training, and absorb various technologies." For this reason, in the next five years, he traveled to Kunming, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou and other places. Learn from the master of plastics. In the meantime, his interest in dough was getting stronger. At the end of 2009, he and a partner who had accumulated a certain foundation settled in Ningbo, opened a facial plastic studio, and began to recruit trainees through the network. In the past few years, I have made a name for myself, and many students have come from all over the country. Because of his fame, at the beginning of this year, Zhejiang Institute of Business Technology found him, and sincerely hired him as a face-lifting teacher to teach students at school. “As a precious intangible cultural heritage, there should be more inheritors in the face-lifting art.” Tian Chao promised, and in the next six months, he will teach courses on food carving, dough and sugar art. Opened the cabinet of Tian Chao Office, several game characters with realistic expressions appeared. “This is also done by the dough, which is recommended by the students.” Tian Chao feels that traditional dough can also be combined with fashion, occasionally doing virtual characters in online games, feeling very creative and subversive. The swords, helmets and other equipment have changed from virtual to reality through his hands, and the colors have been carefully matched. "Student will download some game pictures online, I will use it as a reference, combined with imagination." Although not playing online games, Ke Tianchao will communicate with students to understand the role requirements and character re-production of virtual characters. "In addition to making the dough more contemporary, we can get more inspiration from the students." The hours from 7:00 to the early hours of the next day belong to Tian Chao's own creation time. At that time, he was immersed in the world of dough. He feels that there is no end to the plastics technology. Nowadays, many works will be created in combination with Japanese or American hand-made technology. Even if it is already "unprecedented," you can't break the practice. Although there are already many works in the hands that are praised by others, Ke Tianchao has some regrets, that is, he has not yet created "big things." However, he revealed to reporters that he intends to make a large-scale childlike work with the theme of "childhood impression". "After the 80s, there are many childhoods worth remembering. I want to reproduce these scenes in memory." At present, Tian Chao is collecting various materials. Face plastic: commonly known as noodles, rituals, flower cakes, and noodles. It uses glutinous rice noodles as the main material, and adjusts it into different colors. It uses hands and simple tools to create a variety of lifelike images. According to the unearthed cultural relics, this craft has been at least 1340 years old.