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From "I want to play" to "I want to play", the performance has increased nearly 10 times in one year. 2013-12-19


Early in the morning, the rehearsal hall of Ningbo Performing Arts Group Co., Ltd. heard the sound of sings, and the artistic director of the group, Wang Jinwen, was guiding the actor to rehearse the new drama "Deceived Wife". "No way, this afternoon." In the evening, this month's performances are already full." She didn't have time to finish talking, and she continued to rehearse. In the dance rehearsal room next door, the melodious music is endless, and the male and female actors are practicing. The teacher on the side said that the students were new people. The time for entering the group was one year, and the short time was six months. In order to get on the stage as soon as possible, everyone worked very hard. From "I want to play" to "I want to play", after the transformation of the enterprise, the entire team of Ningbo Performing Arts Group Co., Ltd. is full of vitality. In 2011, Ningbo local song and dance troupe, Yue Opera Troupe and 甬 troupe were transferred to enterprises. Then, on December 21 of that year, Ningbo Performing Arts Group Co., Ltd. was established and became a state-owned sole proprietorship company owned by Ningbo. This group, now with a strong lineup, consists of Ningbo Xiaobaihua Yuequ Group Co., Ltd., Ningbo City Opera Troupe Co., Ltd., Ningbo Song and Dance Theatre Co., Ltd., Ningbo Performing Arts Group Performance Co., Ltd., and Ningbo Performing Arts Group Wumei Production Company. After 12 years of full-time performance of Yue Opera, Xu Xiaofei of Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe began to learn from the beginning, participating in song and dance dramas and children's dramas. Now, in addition to her role in the Yue opera, she also has to rehearse the song and dance dramas. Every day is very busy. "Before everyone used to play around, now the resources are shared, the requirements for the actors are also high, and they are also giving themselves a learning and Opportunities for art development.” Xu Xiaofei said that she is now singing for a while in the morning, thinking about it for a while, and studying for a while before going to bed at night. Because the performance of the cabaret is in the standard of Mandarin, and the form of performance is quite different from that of Yue Opera, she is practicing every day. After less than two years of practice, Xu Xiaofei participated in the musical "Tell the Sea" and served as the heroine B. "There was also a children's play "Magic snail shell" last year, almost dozens of games. Previously, except Yue opera In addition, (performance) other dramas, I really can't even think about it." After removing the hat of the business unit, young actors like Xu Xiaofei began to emerge. She said: "Before the reform, everyone eats a big pot of rice. Because we are young actors, we often play more and have less income. After the reform, we completely broke the original system. Now it is more work and more fun. It is really very happy. According to reports, the performance of the performing arts group employees is divided into one to five categories. The business appraisal accounts for 20% of the total salary. Each year, the performance of the performances and the main supporting role is 50%. The usual rehearsal and work assessments account for 30%. "In the past, a play, the protagonist and the running dragon are both 150 yuan, and now the protagonist has 500 yuan, relying on their own skills to open the income gap." Xu Xiaofei is very excited. "I am giving the actor a test paper. The scores are the same for everyone: the year-end score, the top-down distribution of income, these are open and transparent." Zou Jianhong, chairman of Ningbo Performing Arts Group Co., Ltd. said that after the restructuring, it broke. The original system is fully market-oriented. After the reform, the Ningbo Performing Arts Company opened the market for the revolutionary performance of Ningbo Performing Arts with a boutique drama market. “We don’t need performance projects with market prospects and influence to enhance competitiveness.” Zou Jianhong said, “We are now arranging new roles, regardless of seniority, as long as they are good works, good actors, young people or new Into the group, they will actively use talents, effectively stimulating the enthusiasm of the staff." These measures condense many talents with dreams and love of art, and some fine repertoires continue to emerge: the musical "Tell the Sea", children's drama "Magic snail shell" The lyrics "Ningbo Big Brother" won the "Five-One Project" award for the 12th National Spiritual Civilization Construction, the National Children's Drama Exhibition, the Excellent Repertoire Award, and the Provincial "Five-One Project" Award. The Group was also awarded the National Cultural System Reform. Advanced unit. The performances and benefits of the Performing Arts Group’s performances have also increased year by year. Zou Jianhong said: "The performance of the song and dance troupe rose from 3.6 million yuan in the early stage of reform to 35.2 million yuan in 2011, and the per capita annual income was 350,000 yuan, which made the whole group more confident." The reporter looked at the official website of the group. By the time, the group's total revenue in 2012 reached 33.28 million yuan. This year has not ended, but the reporter has obtained a series of data - from January to December this year, the performance of the Yue Opera Troupe of Ningbo Performing Arts Group was 3.12 million yuan, and the performance of the troupe performance was 3.27 million yuan, up 17.2% over the same period of last year. Due to the influence of large-scale activities and festivals, the large-scale singing and dancing party has been greatly reduced, and the performance business has been greatly affected. However, they have responded keenly. This year, they quickly turned to the business development of dance, wedding and so on. It reached 20.36 million yuan. In the interview, the reporter found that in order to change the situation of the past, "small, scattered, weak", Ningbo Performing Arts Group has integrated the structure of each of the original groups into a complete set of shared institutions, which reduces the idleness of resources. By following the internal mechanism, the management level of art production has been improved, and the creative strength of the art academy has been significantly enhanced. Through effective resource integration, a group of emerging art creation subjects have emerged. "He" can mix and match performances, "divide" is independent of each troupe, and the flexible combination of mechanisms brings a win-win situation. We have reason to believe that in the future, Ningbo Performing Arts Group will continue to occupy the vast local performance market and take it to the next level. In June 2003, the Central Committee held the "Cultural System Reform Pilot Work Conference" in Beijing. As a pilot city for the national and provincial cultural system reform, Ningbo immediately launched the reform of the state-owned literary and art academy. In September of that year, it was the most difficult economic situation at that time. The Ningbo Song and Dance Troupe conducted a pilot project and established the Ningbo Song and Dance Troupe Co., Ltd. to implement the enterprise operation. From 2003 to 2013, the transformation of the state-owned literary and art circles was carried out for a full decade. In the process of reform and development, Ningbo Performing Arts Group has formulated pragmatic and practical policies and measures, and improved the internal management mechanism of the school group, thereby stimulating vitality. At the same time, they responded to the needs of the market and created a rehearsal of the show, initially achieving the "out of the play and benefit."