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The famous scholar Zhou Guoping was in the city yesterday, and the media was interviewed to share "Happiness" 2013-12-22


Zhou Guoping's expression was changed yesterday. He was wearing a blue jacket and a pair of white jeans and carrying a simple backpack. Yesterday afternoon, Zhou Guoping, a famous scholar and philosopher of Ningbo, appeared in a simple and plain dress. This trip, he came from the "Tianyi Lecture Hall" of the Ningbo Library. In the media interview before the opening of the lecture, Zhou Guoping shared some topics related to philosophy and his own situation. When talking about "happiness," Zhou Guoping said, "Happiness is simply two. One is that the state of life is right, the other is to live simple, and the other is to be full." This is not the first time Zhou Guoping has come. Ningbo, he had been to Ningbo for signing in May last year. However, Zhou Guoping came to the "Tianyi Lecture Hall" last time, but it was five years ago. That time he was talking about "Philosophy and Life." Yesterday afternoon, his topic was "The Spirit of Dionysus - The Aesthetic Outlook on Life in China and the West." Zhou Guoping, 68, has a slightly white hair, but he feels comfortable and laughs. At the scene, the reporters who "cooked their faces" said that Zhou Guoping was much younger than before. Zhou Guoping said with a smile, "I am young? Maybe my mentality is better." The interview began in the cold, following the "young" topic, Zhou Guoping talked about the significance of philosophy to life. "This question needs to be understood in a broader sense. Because in a narrow sense, philosophy is actually useless. The problems of student homework and the problem of businessmen making money can't be solved by philosophy." He said that although philosophy can't help people solve some problems. The actual problem, but it can help people build a good mentality when solving these problems. "Sometimes we have a problem, not a method, but a wrong attitude, too tangled. Modern people are too entangled, and the entanglement is full of mistakes, and the problem is more complicated." The state of mind is only one. In addition, in Zhou Guoping's view, the problem is objective, so you can't avoid it, but you must be brave enough to understand it. "Philosophy relies on wisdom and faith. After you have figured it out, you will get a higher level of happiness and spiritual pleasure." Previously, there was a saying that was particularly popular, "boys must not read Wang Xiaobo, girls must not read." Zhou Guoping, many people regard Wang and Zhou as idols of life. Yesterday, when asked about his views on such a statement, Zhou Guoping said with a smile, "I am not so good?" "It should be said that this is my direction. Because I am writing something, I am not saying that I am doing it all." It’s here, but I think I should do this.” Zhou Guoping said that the true philosopher, he not only has a theory, but must also live in this way. At the same time, Zhou Guoping does not agree with what the outside world thinks is "the philosopher is quiet, lonely, and monotonous in life." "The philosopher is also a human being. It should be a real life. Don't deliberately create a state. That thing is quite fake." He said that although some philosophers may find it difficult to coordinate with the surrounding environment, it is not All. “Philosophers need to think, but thinking can be done all the time, without spending time, this is not exclusive to life.” Using these “not to exclude” time, Zhou Guoping only did two things in 2013 – finishing Lecture and reading. "I am a very inefficient person and do not work hard. The pace of life is not particularly fast." "I have a book before, called "Zhou Guoping's Humanities Lecture", which was before 2006. This time mainly for 2006. Some of the lectures from 2012 to 2012 were sorted out, and a second book was prepared, which could be published as soon as possible during the Spring Festival," he said. In addition, Zhou Guoping also reads a lot of books, and is not limited to the field of philosophy, but also literature and history, and religion. He said that he has an "ambition" to read the spiritual masters and their works in complete detail. In May last year, Ningbo came to sign the sale of his work, "Heart is good," Zhou Guoping once talked about the topic of happiness. After more than a year, "Are you happy?" is no longer a hot topic, but in terms of happiness itself, there is still no small discussion value. Talking about this, Zhou Guoping said, "The problem of happiness itself is not kitsch, but it is very important. But everybody asks 'you are happy', it seems too kitsch." He said, in fact, the material conditions of people in this era are compared. The past is much better, but people’s happiness has not risen. "There are many regrets in this era. Let me give you an example. For example, housing is too expensive. For the young people nowadays, especially the working class, buying a house is a big problem. The solution to this problem is not expected." In his opinion, this One of the most important problems is that there is a problem with the values. "Take those external and material things too heavy." He said that happiness is simply two. "One is the state of life, the opposite, to live. To be simple, people are too complicated to live now. The other is that the mind is rich. Now people are not looking for happiness from the heart, but looking outside. The heart is very poor, life is complicated, how can it be happy? Nearly ancient, Zhou Guoping felt that he was very happy. “Do what you like to do, support yourself and your family. Stay with your favorite people and make them feel happy.” Zhou Guoping shared, “I have never been a philosopher at home, and my status at home is very low. It can only be ranked fourth. The children adore their mothers and will laugh at me, but I like this feeling very much. The label given by others is not related to me. The identity I care most is my father."