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Ningbo digital learning platform opened yesterday 2013-12-25


Yesterday, the Ningbo Digital Learning Platform was officially opened in the University Library of Ningbo University. This is another platform for the public to learn after the “air class” and “lifelong learning platform”. It is reported that through the digital learning platform, citizens can read 240 kinds of books online, and can also learn the high-quality teaching resources provided by 16 Ningbo universities online. According to reports, Ningbo Digital Learning Platform (http://www.nbel.gov.cn) is the second phase of the digital library construction project, which is different from the first phase focusing on the construction of document information resources. The second phase focuses on the construction of educational resources and assists in the colleges and universities. Education and teaching, as well as corporate vocational training and individualized learning of citizens. “The first phase solves the problem of finding information, and the second phase expands the function, providing many course resources and realizing online learning online.” Yan Yunlin, director of the library of Ningbo University Park, said. As early as 2009, the city opened the Ningbo Digital Library, so that the public can read the books without leaving home. The digital learning platform is newly built under the framework of the digital library, and finally forms a unified navigation and search for resources such as majors, courses, and cultural leisure. After the citizens register and log in, they can access the digital learning platform and select online course resources to realize online learning. At the same time, you can also get resource information such as supplementary books, journals and papers. In addition, the digital learning platform also introduces advanced motto classes (a new online course development model emerged) and interactive learning concepts to achieve a deep combination of teaching resources and literature resources, to achieve teacher course network teaching, and citizens to learn online. The goal," said Shen Jianguang, director of the Ningbo Municipal Education Bureau. At present, the digital learning platform can find 3.8 million kinds of book bibliographic information, 2.4 million kinds of books to achieve online reading; 15,000 professional courses; 100,000 learning video information, involving history, literature, philosophy, science, medicine, agriculture And 12 disciplines such as art. The most "Ningbo characteristics" is that this digital learning platform not only provides basic and versatile online courses, but also integrates Ningbo university online courses to realize the sharing of high-quality curriculum resources among universities. At present, the first phase has integrated more than 30 online courses in Ningbo's local high-quality universities, including resources, environment, medical care, and vocational skills. These courses are open to students in colleges and universities and all types of continuing education. The air classroom, lifelong learning platform and digital learning platform are the three platforms of Ningbo's wisdom education. The “air class” mainly provides classroom teaching resources for primary and middle school students; the “lifelong learning platform” is based on Ningbo TV University and is oriented to adult education and lifelong education; The Ningbo Digital Learning Platform is based on the University Library of Ningbo University and provides digital library resources and curriculum resources for Ningbo universities.