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Former Children's Lantern Festival: a folk event that lasts for hundreds of years 2013-12-26


The guild team walked in the alley. The former Tongyuan guild was a traditional folklore event held during the annual Lantern Festival of the Tongtong Tashan Children’s Clan of Ninghai County, Ningbo, during the annual Lantern Festival, celebrating the festival, and wishing for a good harvest. Yu Mingzheng four years (AD 1509), Sheng in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, mainly in the way of Ming Qun, lifting drum pavilion, dancing lion, arranging flowers, etc., to commemorate the children’s ancestors to open the canal and irrigate farmland. The merits are called “guilds” by the people. This folklore activity has continued to this day and is now a Zhejiang-level intangible cultural heritage. The former Tong Yuan Yuan guild is rich in content and large in scale. The drum pavilion, the ascending pavilion and the swing, which represent the 18th room of the former Tong Tong, are important viewing items in the guild. At the guild, these children were dressed in costumes, and each bar was a historical story. The former Tongren Non-legacy Protection Association has undertaken the specific implementation of the former Tongyuan Lantern Association. In order to further effectively inherit and protect the former Tongyuan guild, starting from 2004, the former Tongzhen People's Government provides 50,000 yuan of activity funds each year; the county cultural authorities provide 30,000 yuan each year; Each year, the self-raised funds range from 3,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan. Many Tong Clan people and enterprises donate spontaneously for guild activities. The former Tongren Non-legacy Protection Association also established an incentive fund to reward groups and inheritors who will contribute to the former Tongyuan. For the holistic protection of the former Children’s Yuan 宵 这一 这一 非 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前 前An important exhibition place for the Lantern Festival. In 2010, Qianqian built a new drum pavilion, which consists of two parts: the drum pavilion display and the folklore interpretation. It focuses on the drums, the pavilions, the swings and other guild props and costumes of the 18 children’s houses. And the multimedia video will continue to play the entire process of the former Tong Yuan 宵 guild. In recent years, Qiantong Town has focused on building the cultural brand of the Lantern Festival. Every fourteenth day of the first month, visitors from all walks of life will come to watch the grand event of the Lantern Festival. The former children's troubles have become an important cultural festival in Ningbo. In 2006, Qian Tong was awarded the title of “China's historical and cultural town”. In 2012, the former child became a non-legacy tourist attraction in Zhejiang Province and a cultural festival zone in the Spring Festival. The former children made this ancient activity "old tree to open new flowers" by excavating the cultural connotation of the Lantern Festival.