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Ningbo: Cultural Industry Park brings new impetus to the economy 2013-12-31


The store is close to the market, and the factory is more prosperous. It is also a good way to vigorously promote the rapid development of the cultural industry and create a cultural industrial park. The reporter recently learned that in the city, the construction of cultural industry parks is also booming. At present, there are 35 cultural industrial parks in Ningbo that have been built and under construction. These cultural industrial parks have gathered many emerging cultural industries and brought a strong new impetus to the Ningbo economy in the form of “group army”. The No. 3 Building of Ningbo Book City, which is unique in Ningbo East Bund, will also become a cultural industrial park. The No. 3 Building in Ningbo Book City is a historic building and is affectionately known as the “Flour Bucket” by the citizens. The public Liu Hong’s family lived in the old neighborhood opposite the “Flour Bucket”. He likes to take a walk here. "It has recently been discovered that the 'slurry bucket' of this old industrial heritage has been given a new life, and it feels different every time you walk." The reporter learned that in July this year, M. Yichang 1931 Cultural Industry Park will be located in Building No. 3 of Ningbo Book City, which will be fully opened in February 2014. “We have invited internationally renowned Chinese artist Ma Xingwen to serve as artistic director. Through its international influence, it has attracted a large number of international and domestic famous artists to settle in. In the future, we will hold regular cultural exchange activities here to promote the cooperation between enterprises in the park. Cultural exchanges and the formation of an artistic atmosphere." Li Yongping, executive director of Meilin Culture Group Co., Ltd., who is responsible for managing the industrial park, told reporters his own ideas. He said that they will make this "flour bucket" from the "material granary" into a "mental granary." “We hope that in the future, Ningbo citizens will see and discover the latest trends, let everyone feel the art and fashion lifestyle.” “The management of the park provides more services and services to the enterprises than the government. They can On the basis of the government's one-stop service, the park's cultural and creative enterprises provide a think tank at home, and concentrate the resources of superiority. As the park matures, it will cultivate more and better cultural and creative enterprises.” Jiangdong District Culture Qi Haifeng, deputy director of the Radio and Television Press and Publication Bureau, said. M. The Art Factory 1931 Cultural Industry Park is actually one of many cultural industrial parks under construction or built in Ningbo. According to the latest survey data, there are currently 24 cultural industrial parks in Ningbo and 11 industrial parks under construction. Among them, there are 5 at the national level, including Zhangzhou National Animation Original Industry Base, Ningbo Hefeng Creative Square, Ningbo National University Science and Technology Park, Ningbo Software and Service Outsourcing Industrial Park, and Ningbo National Advertising Industry Park. The survey also shows that the city's cultural industry park's total output value in 2012 was 4.6 billion yuan, and this year will exceed this figure. In order to give full play to the industrial agglomeration and incubation effects of cultural industrial parks, in recent years, the city has issued a series of support policies and measures. In particular, the relevant awards for the development of Ningbo's cultural industry have been set up, and the cultural industry parks meeting certain conditions will be rewarded according to the scale, input and output. "Building a group of cultural industry 'group army' is an important starting point for realizing cultural prosperity and cultural industry transformation and upgrading." Industry insiders said: "The city is studying and formulating the identification method for the cultural industry demonstration park, giving priority to key parks. Incentives and policies are tilted to maximize their exemplary leadership."