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Technology, inserting wings for the Ningbo cultural industry 2014-01-02


Recently, the Ningbo Culture and Technology Integration Industrial Base with Ningbo National High-tech Zone as the core block was recognized as the second batch of national-level cultural and technological integration demonstration base by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Culture, and the General Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, and Television. It is another gratifying result of Ningbo's accelerated development of cultural industry. The enhancement of scientific and technological strength has laid a solid foundation for the rapid growth of Ningbo's cultural industry. In the first half of this year, the proportion of cultural industry's added value to GDP increased from 4.16% last year to 4.41%. By November of this year, the city had a total of 54,399 patents, including 2,049 invention patents. The leading role of science and technology in the cultural industry is increasingly apparent. This year, three other projects in Ningbo City were included in the “Twelfth Five-Year” National Science and Technology Support Program National Cultural Science and Technology Innovation Project, which is the “Stage Effect Equipment Control Integration System” of Dafeng Industrial and the “Audio Display Integration of Yinwang Group”. "Technology and System" and Tianwei Culture's "Ningbo City Cultural and Creative Integration Display Technology Research and Application Demonstration". The independent innovation and coordinated development of cultural industry and technology have accelerated the transformation and upgrading of traditional cultural industries. The new format represented by animation online games has grown rapidly. The development of new media based on mobile terminals and networks has sprung up everywhere and is guided by culture. Constantly drive and accelerate the incubation of technology companies. Science and technology has promoted the upgrading of traditional cultural industries in Ningbo, especially the development of cultural manufacturing. Dafeng Industrial, the world's leading integrated supplier of cultural and sports facilities, has successfully transformed from “manufacturing” to “intellectual creation” with its innovative technology, and has been committed to providing superior performance, complete functions, safety and reliability to the cultural market. Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly, highly intelligent performing arts equipment. This year, Dafeng also tried the special-shaped combination stage for the first time, and applied it to the large-scale real-life show "China's Mao Zedong" performed in Lushan on December 26, and passed the red positive energy. Yinwang Group has implemented a digital control system for stage performances, which has filled the domestic gap. The company ranks first in the national industry in terms of technical content, standard setting, industry scale and export scale. Beifa Group undertakes the “12th Five-Year” National Science and Technology Support Plan “Key Materials and Preparation Technology R&D and Industrialization” of the Pen Industry, solves the key technologies common to the industry and breaks the international monopoly. At present, the project is nearing completion and various technical indicators have been completed. To meet or exceed the level of imported products, the content of Ningbo “China Stationery Capital” is constantly added. The cultural industry is highly spilled, and it is easy to combine with new technologies and new carriers to create new formats. Science and technology can also enable the cultural industry to derive more formats and promote the development of new cultural formats. In recent years, emerging industries such as Ningbo's cultural and creative industries, new cultural formats and software design services have developed rapidly. Animation and online games have gradually become the highlights of the city's cultural industry. At the end of last year, the city had 1,646 legal entities in emerging cultural industries, achieving an added value of 3.38 billion yuan. As one of the emerging industries, software design services have maintained a rapid growth rate. It is estimated that the software business revenue will be 23.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 32%. The whole city of the city actively promoted the construction of software parks, the industrial agglomeration effect is obvious, and the regional distribution is more concentrated. Xuanyi Network Technology, which is engaged in the development of animation games, has developed a large number of online game products. Among them, "Jiu Kyushu" has successfully exported to traditional online games such as Japan, South Korea and the United States. Minhe's "Adolescent Avanti" uses advanced 3D CG animation technology to render anime image, which has become a model benchmark in the field of domestic TV animation. The cultural industry is also easy to combine with new needs and new fashions to create new industries. Early film and television in the high-tech zone is a new media film and television distribution service provider. By creating a nationwide circulation and publishing platform for film and television culture and video new media, it provides value-added services for film and television producers, video networks and telecom operators to promote China. The original animation culture industry has developed rapidly on the new media platform. Science and technology promote culture and culture to feed back technology. Ningbo Hi-tech Zone accelerates the integration of culture and technology, and utilizes existing technology innovation, incubation and agglomeration platforms to actively plan and construct cultural and creative clusters with cultural and creative industry bases, Ningbo Software Park and Ningbo R&D Park as the core. The organic integration of culture has built a large platform and gathered more than 40,000 talents of various types. The innovation of science and technology culture has become an important force supporting the transformation and development of the regional economy. Among them, the national high-tech cultural enterprise Ningbo Xinwen 3D Co., Ltd. through a 360-degree immersive fantasy theater and a series of technological innovations that change the audience's "vision view", in the planning and design of science and technology museums, museums and theme parks, special effects film and television, The design and production of films and systems have been well-established, and they have consistently won the leading position in the industry through technological innovation.