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Yinzhou District launches culture into enterprise warm current project 2014-01-09


Yesterday, the launching ceremony of the “Cultural Into Enterprises – Warm Current Project” in Yinzhou District was held in Youngor Clothing City. At this point, some enterprises in Yinzhou District can enjoy the "private customized" cultural services. The project was jointly undertaken by more than ten cultural enterprises and institutions such as the Yinzhou District Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau. At the beginning of this year, the Wenzhou Bureau of the Yinzhou District provided an alternative “menu” to the enterprises in the region, including “send books, send movies, send training, send drama, send variety”, and the region reached a certain scale. The enterprise submits the “Cultural Service Demand Application Form” according to its own needs and wishes, and voluntarily chooses to match the cultural service project, service time, service form, service quantity, etc., and after the review by the District Bureau of Literature and Broadcasting, it is arranged in a unified manner to distribute “private customization” for the enterprise. Cultural service project. It is understood that these cultural service projects include: setting up a public welfare film screening base in the establishment of a district library branch or a car library service point, providing services such as music, art, dance, photography, etc. Program performances and event planning.