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Chinese New Year's Eve movies are all on the New Year's Day. 2014-01-20


The theme of the Spring Festival Lunar New Year is mostly the children's films, cartoons and comedies of the family, and many movies are the "golden files" of the New Year's Day. Children's films vary in form and are richer. The pet movie "Golden Stray Dog", which attracted children, was released on the 21st. The film was directed by Hong Kong director Mario. The world famous dog "Dongdong", who won the Chinese Frisbee Dog Championship for three consecutive years, starred in a movie that was abandoned. The stray dog ​​Dongdong and a fussing wild boy Lu Fei between the touching human dog love. The fantasy adventure children's movie "The Test of the Magic of Ba Lala Little Magic Fairy" was released on the 23rd, telling the magic fairy Xiao Lan and Ma Qi, Mei Xue unintentionally released the magical genius that was locked in the secret room --- Elf Fedoba, powerful But the unscrupulous Fedoba entered the human world and was destroyed everywhere. The little magic fairy were working together to overcome difficulties and overcome difficulties in times of crisis. The juvenile war comedy "Radio that never disappears" was released on the 24th. During the period of the Anti-Japanese War, a group of young heroes took up the national responsibility with their fathers and shoulders in the moment of national peril. January 31st is the New Year's Day. There are 5 films on the same day. The theme of children and comedy: The family film "Where is Dad?" is based on the 2013 Hunan TV reality show "Where is Dad?" Lin Zhiying, Tian Liang, Guo Tao, Wang Yuelun, Zhang Liang and their group of five baby stars starred in the series. The fantasy movie "The Journey to the West" is starred by three stars, namely, Donnie Yen, Chow Yun Fat and Aaron Kwok. He Rundong, Chen Huilin, Liang Qiqi, Zhang Yulin and other stars joined. The Hong Kong film "Macau Fengyun" starring Chow Yun-fat, Nicholas Tse, Jing Tian, ​​Du Wenze and so on. The main line is mainly about human nature. The final outcome is to warn the world that gambling will not end well. The New Year's comedy movie "U disk" starring Tang Aiguo, Yan Guanying, Xiao Yuyu, Yang Lan, etc., is based on an absurd black humor story. It is staged with a U disk with the biggest secret of the hero and life expectation. A series of tragic comedies that let partners turn their backs, make small people make big noises, and let their love break with money. The "Smart One Hugh" theatrical version, which was co-produced by China and Japan, is also scheduled for the New Year's Day. This time, the world's first theatrical version will bring this classic to the big screen, to bring the distance to the Chinese audience closer. The film also added a corner of the Princess Furong State, and the 83rd version of the voice actor Wang Xiaoyan came out again.