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Provincial and Municipal Literature and Art Volunteer Service Enters Ningbo Rural Culture Hall 2014-01-24


The picture shows the artist offering art to the masses. (Photo by Yu Rongqun) "The painter and painter in the city has come", "The award-winning artists from the province have come"... Yesterday, the day before yesterday, Zhejiang and Ningbo Federation of Literary and Art "our Chinese dream, culture into Wanjia" literary and art volunteers The service went into the Ningbo Rural Culture Hall. Under the leadership of the Provincial Party Committee Secretary, Vice Chairman, the Standing Secretary of the Secretariat, Tian Yuyuan, and the Secretary of the Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Zhang Junlin, etc., they came to Zhoujia Village, Tangxi Town, Hengxi Town, Yinzhou District. In the Jiufeng area of ​​Beilun District, send paintings and calligraphy, send Spring Festival couplets, send music collections, and send performances. The people in the village rushed to tell each other. In the rural cultural auditoriums of Zhangzhou and Beilun, the reporter saw that the village history cultural gallery, the village achievement gallery, the library, the electronic reading room, the folk customs showroom, and the table tennis room are all available. Xu Zhida, a villager from Zhoujia Village, told the reporter: "There is a need for such a cultural auditorium in the countryside. On the one hand, villagers need to understand their own village history, on the other hand they also have their own venues for activities, and they can be influenced by culture." It is reported that the province, In 2013, the City Federation of Literature and Art began to build a partnership with 10 rural cultural halls in Ningbo, organizing various types of artists to send training, exhibitions, performances, calligraphy and paintings, books and other services. In 2014, Ningbo Municipal Federation of Literature and Art has arranged a fund of 400,000 yuan and will send out 20 volunteer services. On the afternoon of the 22nd, in the Zhoujia Village Cultural Hall, Zou Daming, He Yeqi, Mao Yanping and other book painters splashed ink, and in the past three hours did not stop, the ink did not dry, "Jiangnan cattle and cattle map", "Lanzhu map", "thick Paintings and calligraphy such as "dedication" and "sincere solidarity" soon covered the auditorium and will be presented to the 10 rural cultural halls. On the evening of the 22nd, the artist went to the Shangcheng Village Cultural Hall, where the villagers had already been surrounded by water. Before the performance, the etiquette background music collection of the rural cultural hall was held in the first place. This was compiled by the Provincial Federation of Literary and Musicians and the Provincial Musicians Association to cooperate with the construction of the rural cultural auditorium. After the first launch, it will be distributed to the provincial rural cultural auditorium. On the evening, the winner of the Chinese Drama Plum Blossom Award, the Zhejiang Provincial Yue Opera Troupe, the national first-class actor Hua Qiang, the Zhejiang Yue Opera Troupe, the national first-class actor, the Lupai singer Liao Qizhen, the National Outstanding Young Singer Grand Prix Excellence Award winner Yang Li, the National Red Song Contest III The powerful lineup composed by the famous winner Cai Fei and other members presented more than 10 wonderful programs such as Yue opera, solo, essay, face change and magic to the villagers, which attracted applause and laughter.