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Xianghe is the most beautiful holiday note 2014-02-04


On weekdays, the two neighbors often face each other because of some trivial matters, and the squabble is constantly changing. When they are young, they are uncharacteristically greeted with smiles and mutual blessings. This is a pleasant surprise, but it is also in line with common sense. For thousands of years, our ancestors have created many beautiful and moving customs for each festival, starting from the wishes of life. This kind of desire is idealistic, so the holiday customs are ideal; the desire is emotional, so the holiday customs are also emotional; the wishes are beautiful, so the festival customs are also beautiful. The Spring Festival is an idealized festival, which includes reunion, unity, peace, peace, tranquility, and prosperity. These are the ideals of life and human ideals that the Chinese nation has been unswerving for thousands of years. Hospitality. This is indeed the case. On holidays, people’s temper will naturally be better and inclusiveness will be greater. This is due to the atmosphere of the holiday joy, especially the "good years" is the common pursuit of everyone, making everyone have a happy mood. Therefore, suppressing bad emotions and contributing to the creation of a peaceful holiday atmosphere has become a common consciousness and conscious action of people. This phenomenon can be said to be a "festival effect", and the "New Year effect" is particularly obvious. Under the influence of the "New Year effect", Xianghe became the most beautiful note in the festival joy music. Family gatherings are fun, honouring the elders' blessings, loving the younger love, and laughing among neighbors, relatives, and colleagues. At this time, people have the most comprehensive rituals, and the relationship between people is the most harmonious. Under the leadership of a peaceful atmosphere, people are more concerned about social order. Because there is no orderly social order, there is no happy holiday. The ultimate goal of our national culture is to pursue peace, and all festival folklore is a harmonious relationship between people and between man and nature. The Spring Festival is the most important traditional festival of the Chinese nation. It has a strong traditional cultural color. The concept of “harmony and wealth” advocated by Confucianism has been deeply contained in it and has become the main color of the people. Now, our country is in a period of transformation and development, and building our core value system also needs to take the peace as the link. This reflects the country's cultural vision and respect for people's traditional habits. It conforms to the public opinion, follows the people's sentiments, and wins the hearts of the people. It is conducive to enhancing the cohesiveness and affinity of the Chinese nation.